Carbon Filter (Do It Yourself)

MYO (Make Your Own)

This design is for smaller rooms, such as a bedroom; but you can make ones for your duct work in the home.

What’s a carbon filter?

“Pieces of activated carbon used to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption.
Each piece of carbon is designed to provide a large section of surface area, in order to allow contaminants the most possible exposure to the filter media.
This carbon is generally activated with a positive charge and is designed to attract negatively charged water contaminants.
Carbon filtering is commonly used for water purification, but is also used in air purifiers.”

What you need:
– Atrium Grate
– single legging, the cheap ones that come in the “eggs” are perfect.
– zip ties at least two (for 3″, zip ties must be 11″ min)
– a few ounces (for the 3″) activated carbon.
– scissors, to trim the zip-ties.
– a length of Duct or Foil (to mount it.)

~ $15 (using a 3″ grate)

Where do I find these items?
– Atrium Grate (Home Depo/Lowes)
– single legging (Any department store, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s)
– zip tie, or two (Home Depo/Lowes)
– activated carbon. (Pet or Fish store)

Items laid out:
carbon filter layout

Pull Stocking over grate:

Apply two zip-ties:

Cut the extra zip-tie:

Apply some tape to the cut parts of the zip-tie so the stocking does not rip during the next step.

Pull stocking over grate:

Pour in the opening of the stocking, a few ounces (3-5) of the activated carbon; make sure to spread it around well and once satisfied pull the stoking tight and tie a tight knot in the end. Keep the stoking tight so that the filter does not loose shape and sage. Sagging would greatly diminish the performance of the filter.
carbon filter finished

All done; now just attach it to a small AC or fan and let the fresh air flow.

Background info from Wikipedia
Filter Images from icmag

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