Power Planets

I started playing “Power Planets” online.
If you have not heard of it; it is a game sponsored by Shell and created/hosted by “The Science Channel”.
It is very enjoyable; you can either reap the world for points and money, or you can save the people from pollution over load.


Intro Screen:
Pretty music.

Zoomed World View:
This is where one would build; there is one zoom out but it is only useful for scrolling to the other side of the planet.

Research View:
This is where one can unlock new buildings/power plants/upgrades.

Over all I like the game so I recommend checking it out.
It can connect with facebook and play as a facebook game.
If you start a game on the science channel website, it will transfer over to Facebook; just make sure you sign in using Facebook and not create a new account.

Science Channel Site

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23. July 2010 by Jaron
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  1. The game no more duns anymore how do we get it back online ?

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