Judgment Day

JudgeDayAs did most people I entered this day with the knowledge of a man claiming it to be the end of the world as we know it and the return of the Messiah. I was not worried for, even though he claimed the bible told him, the bible does say that no one knows they day of his return; not even the angels in heaven! (Matthew 24:36)

If God does not even tell the angles, who reside with him, the day he will send Christ back to earth; why would he tell us? We are to have faith in what we do not see and love Him because he loved us first; we are undeserving of such love.

At this point we must keep living out our lives the way we know is right. Follow the path of love and avoid the path of hate; hate leads to all things evil, while love leads to all things good.

Now we can be at ease until December 21, 2012

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21. May 2011 by Jaron
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