Product Review: Dritz Wrist Rest

Dritz Wrist Rest

I purchased this little sucker the other day because I like to be comfortable at my desk. I saw the Wrist Rest when I was out picking up screen protector material from my local fabric store; cost me $6 and that’s ok with me.

The more I use the Wrist Rest the more like the product and want some for my keyboard.

It even has little rubber grippers to keep it from sliding around; best part, if you want to be able to slide around you can always flip it over, it works great. I would probably flip the one over that I use for the mouse that way I could just slide my arm across the desk; when I get another for my keyboard.

You can buy a similar product on right now.

Official Site

Another product review.

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10. April 2012 by Jaron
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