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This just blew my mind today so I just had to write a post about this new device concept!

It’s called ‘Phonebloks'; and it makes so much sense that I am not sure why I have not thought of it myself!

What is so great about Phonebloks?

I love using and having a desktop computer because I am able to change our parts when they are broken or just to upgrade for faster computing speed.

But that is really the only electronic device we have available that is capable of this; our phones, cameras and tables are all not able to upgrade in this sense.

Yes we can go out and buy a new one and call it an ‘upgrade’ but that seems silly when only one part of that device is what really needs upgraded in the first place.

Being that ‘Phonebloks’ is customization heaven, every one will have a device tailored to their specific needs; no more cookie cutter phones and tablets.

Phonebloks’ about video:


This will be my next phone.

To support ‘Phonebloks’ click the image above or this link here.

Some other photos of the device:

Phonebloks Back

Phonebloks Parts

“Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks


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11. September 2013 by Jaron
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