Google Glass Invite and How to get one

Google Glass Invite

Google just gave the current Glass Explorers three invites to hand out to people who we think would make the most of their Glass experience.

Google Glass Invite Requirements

The invitees do have some requirements:

  • Must be a US resident
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must purchase Glass
  • Must provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up the device in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles

I am lucky and grateful to have Google Glass. I wish I had the choice of getting the device shipped to my house, instead of having to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest pickup location.

That alone is a game changer in my mind; it shows that Google is a little more confident with their device.

Google Glass Invite Email

The Glass Team’s email said the following:

Being part of the Glass Explorer program is pretty insane (good insane): let’s face it, using cutting edge technology that changes every month requires a certain sense of adventure. We’re looking for more Explorers like you to be part of the program, so we’ve opened up a few more spots and this time, you decide who gets in. We want you to invite three people to join the Explorer Program, people who you believe would make great Glass Explorers.

I was blown away at the opportunity to give Glass to three worthy blog followers!

What a great way to say thank you to all my readers and frequent visitors, than with the chance to become a Google Glass Explorer; I’m pretty stoked and you should be too!

Get A Google Glass Invite From Me!

I only have 14 days to pick the three people who I would like to invite, so now is your chance.

If you would like an invite please leave a comment in the section below telling me what you plan to use Glass for, and why you would make a great addition to the explorer team.


About Jaron

I blog about technology, metaphysics, and politics. I love Android, Star Wars, and Libertarians. I am also a part of Google's Glass Explorers program.

29. October 2013 by Jaron
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  1. I would love to have an invite. Not having to hold a camera/phone (looking through a handheld device) but having the ability to watch the world around you and your children play while capturing those memories are priceless.

  2. Hi Jaron,

    I would like to be part of the Google Glass explorers for many reasons. One of the most important is my role. I currently work with an MarketStar as a Google Specialist in Best Buy. Being able to have glass would give me the oppertunity to share this holiday season what Glass has to offer. I’m also trying to learn the methods of developing applications with Glass and have a few cool things that can change everything. I hope to hear back soon.

    -Tyler Larkin

  3. If i was part of the Google Glass™ Explorers program i would use the ability to record true POV videos to document various “how-to” videos to share with the world. My knowledge of home improvement, computer hardware, game console modding, guitar, and various other skills could be shared with everyone and hopefully help an array of people succeed in their goals. In addition to POV videos, i would love having access to the infinite wealth of knowledge, known at the “internet”, on my face to help assist in my life goals, and an excuse to talk to myself in public. My knowledge of the android ecosystem and addiction to flashing custom ROMs gives me that need for adventure that Glass™ would be able to deliver in full.

  4. First of all, thanks for opening this up on Google+ to give some random people a chance to try glass.
    I noticed a while ago when I started following you that you went to Greensburg Salem (same as my girlfriend). I went to Greensburg Central Catholic and lived in Greensburg for 3 years. I currently live in Pittsburgh and I work as a sales rep at AT&T while in school. Obviously I’ve been drooling over Glass since it’s inception and would love a chance to try it out.
    Hope to talk to you further about it and REALLY hope to be considered as one of your three invites.

  5. We are a small team of mobile developers, that want to use Glass for optimizing business operations: we have a blueprint ready of a productivity app for Glass. The only thing we need to get started, is Glass !

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity !

  6. Hi Jaron,

    Actually I’m a telecommunications student, but that’s not the reason why I would Glass :-)

    I love the idea of being connected all the time, for all my activities : driving, walking, and skydiving !

    I already try smartwatch, but this isn’t the good solution, current products are bad and not user-friendly. Glass seems different, and the opportunity to try Glass would be an amazing experience !

    So, thank you for the opportunity and best of luck to the other requesters ;-)

    • Hi Julien!

      Thanks for commenting; Glass really does get technology out of the way. Every month they update the software and it just keeps getting better. I have heard about some hardware changes coming around this end of 2013 as well.

  7. Show people how to Hack Happiness.

  8. Hey :) It’s not easy to tell why I’d like #googleglass. The main point is: I want a useful master project to finish my studies “software development” at the university. Creating a #glassware application would be a great thing. I’m dreaming about a “get in contact”-application. When walking around, you can sign in and tell the app, what you’re looking for (for example: “have a coffee together”). All nearby users logged in will get this in their timeline (with some personal details like photo, age, …). Think, it’s a small, good app to get in contact that makes the world lightle brighter for some. :)

  9. I would like a Google Glass invite. The ability of Google Glass would help me in my studies at school and help me help my community.

  10. No problem Jaron hope to hear back soon!

  11. Hey thanks for the opportunity. I wish i could get an invite. I want to use glass to help document the life of a college student. It would help me be able to film my best friends swimming competitions. One of the main reasons why i want it is because i am a huge lady gaga fan. I want to be able to document the struggle of camping out for her events, and when meeting her be able to record without the need to be holding a camer.

  12. I am an over 50 BB Nutritionist and Fitness enthusiast. GG would be a great way for me to help more people see and observe that its really not that difficult to get and stay healthy …. especially the over 50 population. Appreciate the consideration. Thanks for sharing

  13. I recently got back from a trip through Europe and kept thinking how handy Glass would have been throughout my trip. I would be able to provide a lot of cool content about how Glass can enhance both small and epic travel adventures.

    • Glass is great for these kinds of things. I actually find myself taking more photos with glass then I have had with my phone or camera, it’s just so easy!

  14. I’m really interested. I live in NYC and work for the greatest photography company in the world B&H Photo. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair, and managed to get one for 3 hours (see the pic in my profile) and ever since have wanted one of my own. I don’t want to buy an invite, I’m just looking for some kindness. I also do development on the side, and I’m in middle of developing a few websites which would really benefit humanity. My latest project is a kickstarter for causes.

    In any event, Please invite me, I’d be really thankful to you. :) 

    • Good to see your interest and submission here! I will be choosing three people in the coming week.

      • That’s great! I’m driving my reps at Google crazy to get me an invite for months now. You’d think my adwords team would have some pull considering what I spend a month with them, but nothing…

        I have a friend here that also got 3 invites, but he’s trying to sell the invites on ebay, which frankly I find disgraceful. The whole purpose of the explorer program was designed to bring people who are really influential either as developers or as trend setters into the program, and have them make it more acceptable. Selling an invite to the highest bidder seems wrong.

        I guess though if you shelled out $1600+ (with the tax) I can’t blame anyone for trying to make a few dollars back with selling the invites.

        Btw, if I get the invite, and get the glass now, do I get to upgrade as well in November? or I’ll be getting the 1st generation device? I’m not that crazy about the speaker ear wave situation, I like the idea of mono ear phones better (although stereo would be awesome for music)

      • I also forgot to mention, I had my first child (cutest little girl) 2 months ago, and the sheer amount of photos I’ve taken of her are insane. With Glass I’d be able to enjoy playing with her, as well as capturing the moment, instead of always having my eyes on her behind a screen. :)

  15. I would like to get my hands on the device so I can do further research on CHI (computer human interface) at my university. For the past months, we’ve been trying to get our hands on the device to develop a new way of interacting with data. Specifically, I would like to develop an application that could help students communicate more easily with the university classes I teach. I can’t get into much details because of confidentiality issues but I’d love if you even could help us as a consultant on our solution. Thanks for your time.

    Bertrand Lirette
    University Researcher in Computer Human Interface

  16. Sadly I’m not an US resident :(

  17. Jaron, it’s very nice of you to consider doing this. I would love the opportunity. I’m an ophthalmologist and a traveler. I would like to use Google Glass at work to show people some of the amazing things that can occur inside the eye. Thanks for considering.

  18. #ifihadglass what wouldn’t I do that’s the real question?

    #igeekoutglass I’m a geek already, #Glass would just complete me. I’m a very tech-savvy individual and I would love to be one of the first owners of Glass. I live in Kissimmee Fl where technology and Google+ is invisible. Everytime I try to talk to someone about about Glass or tech they look at me like I’m crazy. #ifihadglass I would use it for my everyday commute school(Rph), work(PharmacyTech) and my social life DISNEY, UNIVERSAL, SEAWORLD. I would love to have Glass when Visiting these tourist attractions, the only difference is I’m a local so I get to go all the time.

    I joined the #ifihadglass contest but unfortunately I was not one of the 8,000 chosen ones. I share with others alot of my social life. I would like to have a device that can do it all in one. I live in central Florida so alot of the time I’m always out visiting attractions, I love taking beautiful pictures and just share my memories with the world.

    I would be very exited and very grateful if I was to get #Glass
    I just wanna Thank the #GlassExplorers who give the public the opportunity to join in even if where not personal friends. Thanks Jaron

  19. I am a paranormal investigator and owner of Ghost Explorers here in the SF Bay Area. I would love to use glass to take investigating to the next level.

    Whether its remote POV or tinkering with infrared. Since I am a computer tech by day, being involved in hardware/software discussions is 2nd nature to me.

    Thanks Jaron for the consideration..

  20. I am a first year cohort member of one of the first Innovation graduate programs of its kind in the country. With my grounded background in the arts and photography, incorporating Google Glass into my project would be the perfect marriage for my interactive creativity meets innovation thesis.

  21. Hi Jaron,

    i would like to do a civic engagement platform like fixmystreet based on Glass technology. This is Uribu, our platform at the moment. We believe in you :-)

  22. I can’t afford Glass right now, so this time I don’t want to win.
    But I’d like to share what I would do with Glass:

    I love to cook and explore new recipes, so with Glass I could cook and record to create a videoblog about cooking and sharing my experiences.
    Also, I just moved to a new city and I take pictures in a “urban photography” way, but with Glass I could show my family and followers how I see this new experiences in my new town just as I see it.
    In the same topic of being new in town, I’m still looking for biking roads and I use my phone to follow the map or look for routes, but having the maps inches away of my eye could be amazing and extremely useful.

    Oh boy… there are lots of stuff I could do with Glass.
    Can’t wait to see the final version of Glass, and hopefully at a lower price.

    • Hey Max!
      Thanks for the comment. Google said they are releasing a new version with new hardware soon. I will be sure to write a post about the upgrade once I receive the device.

  23. I would love to be a google glass explorer because i will actually use it and develop for it, not wear it like a fashion statement. I’m tired of seeing glass all over the internet being used at .01% of its potential.

    Google Glass is an amazing technological achievement and will change the world. And i want to be a part of that change.

    I fly multirotors and program drones for unmanned flight. When flying you can use line of sight or FPV. FPV allows you to operate the vehicle at distances only limited by your radio.

    I am working on software for FPV that integrates telemetry via a Heads Up Display, Live Feed and Video Recording. I think google glass would be a perfect fit for this technology.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  24. Jaron,

    I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. However, we are familial, all students of the same future that will bring us closer to the openness, beauty and truth that we know humanity to be capable of. Heady stuff, I suppose, but as you once said, “If you are not enjoying the work [...] then stop; find something that will make you happy and force you to have fun.” (Swab, 2013). Sure you referred to blogging, but really, it applies to anything.

    I want to have fun. More fun than I already have, which is quite a lot, but returns diminish without new doors to open. Information was never meant to be held in the hand; it was meant to be *beheld* in the mind. I want to be part of that paradigm, a young pupil in the inaugural class of the imminent melding of sense and input, to walk down the path toward the Singularity.

    Also, I want to make shoes. Colorful, papier-mâché masks like my ancestors wore ceremonially (I am part Taino and Borinquen, native peoples originating in the Orinoco and Amazon River basins), recreating their unique red on white clay pottery. I want to dance, and show the world a new perspective. I want to learn to program, and create ways to identify patterns in the world around me that are meaningful, repeatable, beautiful.

    Perhaps my ideas are too abstract, maybe they seem melodramatic; I can, however, guarantee that whatever I *do* make with Glass will make our world of information richer, and that it will be *fun*.

    Thank you. :)

    Juan Cinco Rodriguez

  25. Hey jaron, I would like an invite so that I can test how the glass can benefit me in pharmaceutical sales and then as medical student in the fall. It will be awesome to share my experiences in the professional world and my personal life.
    Take care

  26. I would use glass to document my exploration of the spiritual realm. And to take duck face pictures I the mirror :-) jk. I would use glass to help document thinfs of importance and further its development as a productivity tool.

  27. Jaron, I want to develop the awesome app for google glass users! Extremely cool app for Guitar Players. ex. of my work – . 1 invite please.

  28. I am working on pico projectors and would like to break open and develop smarter product!

  29. Hi Jaron,

    I saw your tweet on Google Glass linking to this article.

    Our team and myself have been working on a startup ( that uses machine learning (regression and neural networks) to determine what happens to airfares in the near future.

    The above allows us to sell something similar to ‘options’ on airline flights (locking-in the current price for ‘x’ days while able to change dates, destinations and passengers).
    We believe we can greatly simplify the process of purchasing your airline ticket on any mobile device, especially Glass.

    Since we’ve been unable to get our hands on one to develop and test the application (have been working on the SDK already), I’m writing you this message expressing my interest in one of the very limited invites (A).

    We’d be very very grateful if you could help us out and would be happy to burry an easter egg in the app with your twitter handle.

    All the best,
    Alex & The Hubskip crew

  30. Hi, I am Augmented Reality project developer and PhD student. My professional and academic subjects are Augmented Reality and wearable products. Because of that I would like to get an invitation. Whenever I am invited by you I can buy GG and continue to study and develop my projects. If possible, I am interested in your invitation.

    Best Regards

  31. Jaron,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an invite!

    My wife and I are a few months away from traveling to China to adopt our son. I would love to have a pair of Glass to take with me to document the trip.

    I promise to share the videos! :)

    Thanks again!

  32. Hi! I’m a little late, but I’m trying to get ahead of the curve on an accessory/personalization line for google glass users that would like a more personal look for their device. Also, documenting the process for social media could be the start of a new customer/business relationship experience for direct feedback from the community. I’m located in the Bay Area near the San Francisco office so picking it up wouldn’t be an issue, so all I need is an invite to get the ball rolling!

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