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4 Books Every Christian Needs To Read

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As a Christian, our central authority is the Bible. This book, which contains many smaller books, is the first place we should look when searching for answers to life and faith. At times the Bible can be a bit unclear, every time we read through we find new wisdom that we had not to know before even though the words did not change.

People research topics daily to find specific answers to specific ideas or questions. Sometimes those people write their findings in books to share with the community. Below are four books I read over the past few years since taking my faith seriously that helped me solidify biblical concepts.

What Dwells Beyond by Jeffery W. Mardis

This is one of my favorite books of all time! Once I started reading this book, it was so hard to put it down. There is a ton of information in this book about aliens, demons, space, and history.

It's a marvelous read bar none.

The back of the book tells the following:

You Will Read & Learn About:

  • Cosmic pluralism from antiquity to the 21st century
  • A Biblical field guide & classification system of all life forms
  • A detailed investigation into the realities of counterfeit life
  • Science fiction, genetic super science & life beneath the earth
  • The strange origins of darkness & the purpose of outer space
  • Cosmology, angelology, demonology, giantology, technology

This book is full of graphs, diagrams, and photos to help visualize some of the difficult topics.

What I found to be the most interesting was the history of where all these ideas about aliens come from and how culture has pushed the concept of intelligent life outside of earth. After reading all the details, it seems this is an orchestrated lie to pull people away from God and salvation in Jesus.

What Is The Emerging Church by David Cloud

This book is also eye-opening and exposes the movement to bring all faiths under the Roman Catholic Church. As I was reading would come across paragraphs that blew me away. People that are well respected in the faith saying things that go against the Bible 100% such as "there is no hell" when Jesus spoke of hell a ton when he was on earth. Also statements on how "all faiths lead to the same God" when again Jesus makes it very clear that he is the only way.

I recommend everyone read this book to open our eyes to the changes that have happened and are happening within many professing churches.

New Age Bible Versions by G. A. Riplinger

I am a firm believer that the King James Bible was the last and final revision for the English language. I came to that conclusion after much research after I was saved and looking into what Bible was the best to read. God lead me to the KJV with so much proof that I could not refute. Then this book was offered to me, and this book drove it home.

Not only does this book show hundreds of places where the word of God changes in each new version but also the history of where they came from and why we have so many versions today.

The Evolution Handbook by Vance Ferrell

This book is a beastly 992 pages containing all the science that disproves the theory of evolution, and the best part is, it's only ten dollars! Not only does it provide all the science but it also gives the source for you to look up and double check the claims. Everything from the big bang to fossils to carbon dating. It starts with the big bang and disproves the possibility of the event. Right then any logical person would realize that evolution could not be how all we know came to be. But it goes on, and on hitting every question and counter-argument, I could think to through at the data.

Examples from the big bang chapter:

  1. Is based on theoretical extremes
  2. Nothing can't pack together
  3. A vacuum has no density
  4. The would be no ignition to explode the compacted nothing
  5. No way to expand nothing
  6. Nothing can't create heat
  7. The calculations are much too exact to be possible
  8. The equation would have produced a hole if it were even possible to pull off
  9. There is not enough anti-matter in the universe.
  10. Anti-matter form the big bang would have destroyed all regular matter

And that is just from two of the 992 pages of this book. Go get in and try to prove it wrong. I had a lot of fun doing just that!

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