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Why You Need To Have New Content Proofread - Proofreading is one of the most essential steps in blog creation. Yet so many people choose not to find another user willing to help out in this process. There may be times when there is an artistic reason to avoid proofreading. However, if you are looking to grow your blog and take it to new levels... Categories: [Content Creation]

How To Leverage Criticism To Improve Your Blog - Criticism can be both helpful and hurtful, but each type can help us improve our blog. As bloggers we should always look for ways to make our work better and more helpful to the readers. Our blogging goals need to be aimed at helping others every time we sit down to write.

Dealing With Criticism

... Categories: [Content Creation]

How To Keep Them Pining - The posts we create are the nucleus of the blog. Every other aspect is second to the quality of the content we create. This includes commenting, getting logos, engaging in group chats, and promotion. We can still do many of those things without creating posts but our growth will only go so far. Go... Categories: [Content Creation]

How To Keep New Blogger Motivation - This marks my sixtieth consecutive day posting on this blog and want to share some things I have learned about starting a new blog. As a blogger of over 15 years on several platforms these basic motivation tips work every time. If you start a blog, you will find that no one is reading your work fo... Categories: [Content Creation]

How To Format In The Flow - Most blogging sites today have a built-in editor with buttons to format our text. However, there is a better way to format our content to give us more control with less distraction. These are HTML and Markdown. Using one of these formatting methods allows you to create your posts offline while... Categories: [Content Creation]

No View Counts, No Worries - The creation of this site is done with an open-source GUI called Publii. I stumbled across it about a week ago, and it sounded exactly like what I needed to make this blog. I wanted to stay away from WordPress this time and was looking for a static site to keep to keep the load times to a minimum.... Categories: [Content Creation]

The Right Time Is Always Now - Create. Quit. Create. Quit. New project. Old project. Change platform. Hustle. Change platform. Hustle. This has been my life for fifteen to twenty years. I start one project get bored and move on to another. In the middle of blogging on one platform move to another with hopes of more sign... Categories: [Content Creation]

Why I stopped blogging on STEEM - For a long time I was a blogger on a self-hosted domain, and much of that time it was on this exact domain. Then I found out about STEEM one day after looking over new Cryptocurrency to move money into and thought it was a great idea. "I can write blog posts to earn more cryptocurrency? That's awe... Categories: [Content Creation]