J. R. Swab

Go-Hive v0.2.0 - Get Blog Data

Categories: [Technology]

This update contains the condenser methods used to access an account's blog. The only one left out is get_tags_used_by_author since "api.hive.blog" does not have the tags plugin enabled.

Example Usage:

package main

import (
    a "git.sr.ht/~jrswab/go-hive"
func main () {
    c := a.NewClient()

    blog, err := c.GetBlog("jrswab", 0, 1)
    if err != nil {
    // Returns the body of the first post returned

v0.2.0 Changelog



The preferred contribution approach:

  1. Fork
  2. Make a new branch
  3. Write code
  4. Run the unit tests
  5. Update and add tests as needed
  6. Commit to your branch.
  7. Switch back to master
  8. git pull origin master
  9. git merge [your branch name] and resolve any conflicts
  10. git send-email --to="~jrswab/[email protected]" HEAD^
    • This creates and sends a patch with your updates.

Please use the Sourcehut Email Etiquettes when sending patches. Using git send-email will take care of most of the etiquette for you.

To learn how to send patches with git send-email check out the tutorial at git-send-email.io

The project adheres to Semantic Versioning, in licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License, and all development is located at git.sr.ht/~jrswab/go-hive.