Pry-Fi: What is it and Why You Need it.


Why Pry-Fi?

Many organizations from, the government to retailers are able to track your movements via your mobile phones MAC (Media Access Control) address. This still is possible when you WiFi is turned off due to your phone sending out this information within a certain range.

It’s not a big step to couple this to personal information – a retailer for example, could track your trip to the register and correlate with your payment information. Now the tracking hardware and software vendors, the store (or chain) owner, their business partners, they can now all track where you are every time you come into range of one of their systems, and fully profile who you are, what you do, your financials, and your daily patterns!

What is Pry-Fi?

Pry-Fi is a solution that does not require us to shut off out WiFi completely every time we leave our home or office. The only way to really ‘shut down’ your WiFi so you are not traceable is to also turn off ‘background network scanning’, and very few people know where to even find that setting. However, shutting down all of this info will loose benefits of modern WiFi like automatically connecting to networks you know; as well as helping the location awareness of certain apps.

Pry-Fi helps us avoid all of that mess by creating a false MAC address that follows the correct patterns to seem ‘real’. This allows trackers to not pick up on your devices real MAC address keeping you safe. Because the trackers are getting a false MAC address your specific address will never be recorded and the next time you are within their range a new MAC address will be created by Pry-Fi preventing them from gathering the correct information.

This will slowly poison their tracking database with useless information.

Go To War!

This option allows your device to ‘pretend’ to be dozens of MAC address wandering around the store or other location. It only takes a few minutes of walking around with this setting enabled to ruin their tracking data. Of course companies say they do not use this information against us, but we all know that if something can be abused it might as well have already been abused.

Message from the Chainfire team:

It has been tested on several devices and seems to work, but it is very young still. The magic the app does to achieve its purpose is ever subject to changing Android security policies and OEM customizations, so even though it works now, there really is no saying if it will still be possible in future firmwares.
Of course you should also keep in mind that tracking can be done in many ways, and these W-Fi signals are far from the only method in use.

Download from the Google Play store.

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HeartMath & the emWave2: Get Back To Your Heart

HeartMath Logo

I bought the new emWave2 from the Institute of HeartMath this past week and have been using it several time per day since it arrived. I am really enjoying the device and software; it makes me feel a lot different, it’s kind of amazing…

What is HeartMath?

The Institute of HeartMath is an organization dedicated to researching the effects of ‘heart based’ living. They have invented many tools to help us move out of our ‘brain based’ life. This causes anxiety, depression, and stress for a majority of people. With over 20 years of research by HeartMath in the area of emotions and stress on the human body, they have found that the quality of the emotion is what affects how our bodies respond to interactions and events.

The Institute was founded by Doc Childre in 1991 in order to help get this information out to us in an easy to understand way.

“HeartMath includes the non-profit Institute of HeartMath, the for-profit HeartMath Inc. and its operating company HeartMath LLC. To create shared value, which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.”

5% of the revenues from sales go to the Institute of HeartMath to provide training and technologies. This money also helps to keep the research alive and well, making sure that devices are giving us the best idea of what living in the heart actually means.

For information the their research visit here.

What is the ‘emWave2′?

The emWave2 is one of their devices for measuring and recording the activity of your heart. It collects the pulse data through one of two sensors and records the information from the rhythm of your heart into a graph within the computer software. The emWave2 may also be used without a computer and will upload your information into the software once you plug it into your USB drive.


The coolest part is that it only takes a few minutes each time you use the device, to achieve a state of coherence with your heart. The emWave2 is a simple and easy to use gadget that helps you move from feelings of anger, anxiety, or frustration to a more peaceful emotion.

emWave2 Benefits

  • Transform your response to stress and quickly re-balance your mind, body and emotions.
  • Increase your ability to think clearer, be more intuitive, and make better decisions, especially under pressure.
  • Improve health, increase resilience and well-being; maintain personal balance.
  • Decrease stress and burnout in chaotic and changing environments.
  • Maximize creativity and innovation.
  • Boost performance and overall intelligence.
emWave2 Software

emWave2 Software

Videos about HeartMath & the emWave2:

Visit my products page for a link to the emWave2

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Confide app

What is Confide?

Confide is an app that lets you send messages and emails to others using the app in a private and secure way.

Messages disappear after they’re read, ensuring all of your communication remains private, confidential and always off the record.

The messages are covered with an orange block until you pass your finger over them, they then only display for a second for you to read and recover.

Once you are finished with the message it is deleted forever so no one can grab your phone and read what you have send or received. You also do not have to worry about getting your messages read while sending, confide uses end-to-end encryption to keep our ‘off the record’ messages between us and our recipient.

Confide Includes:

Screenshot Protection

Messaging with email or phone number

Push Notifications

Confide’s Mission:

Off-the-record conversations happen all the time in the offline world.They are better known as phone calls, meetings, or chats over coffee.They allow you to be honest and genuine without worrying that every word is being archived.

Final Thoughts:

This app is brand new and looks very promising. The layout is easy on the eyes and it is very easy to use, the designers know what they are doing.

At this time messages can only be send with the app to a person with the app already installed on their device; but that is not much of a problem since the app is free to download at the moment.

For just finding this app while I was browsing the Google Play Store, I must say it was an awesome find. However, it was buried in the “Top New” section so give it a download and lets help make it to the ‘Top Free’ list.

I’ll be keeping this on my device and am looking forward to testing it out with some of my contacts that download  it as well.

On Android and iPhone.


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