Pressy is a new gadget that started on Kickstarter and has had a lot of buzz and support.

Right now you are able to pre-order press for $27 and it will be shipped out with the kickstarter perks. (Spring 2014, so very soon!)

What Does Pressy Do?

Pressy is an extra button for your phone via your headphone jack. Don’t worry though, when you want to use your headphones just take out Pressy, stick it in the key-chain holder, and plug in your headphones.

“Connecting the Pressy Button with the free Pressy App lets you easily customize and use your favorite, everyday actions. For example, if you use your flashlight on regular basis, set a Click-combination with the App for turning on your flashlight and start clicking with the Button!”


Pressy is currently only open to android phones, but I am sure they will be expanding to other phones as they progress in their business.

Who Made Pressy?

Pressy was invented by a man by the name of Nimrod Back from Tel-Aviv. He is an industrial engineer and majored in information systems and business.

“Pressy was the first I thoroughly believe in and from the beginning I knew I was going to go all the way with it.”

Boaz is Nimrod’s business partner and friend of the past ten years. Boaz is a product designer, and specializes in developing prototypes, gadgets and unique products.

The two men started working on this gadget in April 2013 and thanks to kickstarter are now achieving the reality of their idea.

I would love to do a review of Pressy and they will send me one to review if 100 people share this article. So please help me out and spread it around!

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Tired of all those pesky ‘subscription’ emails that you never remember signing up for?

Well fear no more! is now your best friend.

This service will let you sign in with your email address, then it finds all of your subscriptions and lists them giving you the option to ‘unsubscribe’.

The first time I did this I took out about fifteen subscription services and the next day two more.

For the longest time I just dealt with all the subscription emails because most of the time it is a big hassle to ask them to take you off their list.

Try Video:

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CBD Hemp MLM, What is it?

Hemp MLM Flag

“Imaging buying into Apple when they were bankrupt, or Google when everyone was asking; what’s a Google?”

Kannaway is a hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutritional wellness whose products contain CBD rich hemp oil.

This is a brand new MLM (multilevel marketing) that started it’s ‘pre-buzz’ the week of February 23rd 2014. In the first 98 hours of the pre-buzz launch 10,000 people signed up to be a part of this new, exciting, unique endeavor. Two weeks after the pre-buzz launch they already had over 25,000 people wanting to be a part of this new online marketing company.

Kannaway’s official launch is set for April 19th, 2014; and it’s first payout to members was on April 15th, 2014 for all the work done in the month of March. On April 30th, 2014 they will be paying everyone for the work they have put in from the 1st through the 19th.

Kannaway ‘Buzz Launch’ Payment Plan

(This compensation plan has ended as of March 31st, 2014)

During the month of march, the company has a temporary payment plan to compensate anyone promoting their products. It is as follows:

Attention: All numbers are for demonstration purposes only!

Part one:

$15 for every person you recruit who purchases a product.

Recruit 3 people, get $45.

Part two:

This is a bit more complicated…

We will be placed into one of 12 tiers based on the number of people we recruit. The total amount of money made will be used to calculate the ‘Compensation Value’. The Compensation Value will than be equally divided into the 12 tiers.

The amount we get is based on our powerline. The powerline of everyone in our tier will be added together to get a total, than our personal powerline will be divided by the total to find our percentage.

That percentage will be the amount we get from the money added to our tier.

Let’s say there are 3 people in a tier. Person 1, 2 and 3.
Person 1 has a ‘powerline’ of 20,000
Person 2 has a ‘powerline’ of 10,000
Person 3 has a ‘powerline’ of 800

The total ‘powerline’ for that tier would be 30,800. Person one would get 64% of the money in that tier, person 2 would get 32%, and person 3 would get about 2%. If the tiers all had $10,000 in them; person one would receive $6,400, person 2 would get $3,200, and person 3 would get $200.

(I did not round percentages and I know that does not equal 100% or $10,000)

April 1st-19 Compensation Plan

If you are a brand ambassador and you have sponsored another brand ambassador, you get 100% that commission. No one else, just you!

After April 20th Compensation Plan

There is a lot of information that Kannaway has put out on their official comp plan. If I was to outline the entire thing there would be no room for any other information. To see the entire plan (or download) head over to

What comes with a Kannaway Membership?

Capture Pages:

Login to your back office
Click ‘Marketing System’ on the left hand side
Choose your method to drive leads.

View Leads:

Login to your back office
Click ‘Leads’ on the left hand side.

Lead Page URLs:

(replace the numbers shown with your ID number)

Mobile Capture Pages

(replace the numbers shown with your ID number)

Facebook Images:

They also have images that you can click and instantly post to your Facebook page.

Instant Tweets:

There are several sentences that can be tweeted or pasted to Facebook with a single click.

Also Email:

They have also included a pre-typed email for our use.

Why buy a Kannaway product?

This is the chance for you to see how the product you choose works and will give you the chance to use said product before referring it to others. What better way to tell people about a product then being able to give first hand experience?

You do not have to buy anything to stay in Kannaway this month (it’s still free). However, if you want to be able to use all these amazing tools and get paid in April there will be a $15 membership fee to become a Brand Amassador.

Kannaway Hemp Quality:

HempMeds PX (Supplier of hemp oil in Kannaway products)

Steep Hill Lab Tests of Kannaway hemp oil

Sample 1

4 Star Rating for ‘Mold/Yeast and Dead Microbes’
4 stars = 0.000% amount of Mold, Yeast, and other dead Microbes

Sample 2

0.00% amount of Mold, Yeast, and other dead Microbes

Sample 3

0.00% amount of Mold, Yeast, and other dead Microbes
Ratings based on United State Pharmacopoeia, National Science Foundation, and World Health Organization


Independent Study
Molecular deconstruction of Kannaway’s hemp oil
Reported 100% pure hemp oil

My Video Review:

My Hemp Salve Review:

Brief Hemp Video:

Click Here To Join Kannaway

If you have any questions about this new opportunity please comment it below and I will be more than happy to answer  them all. If for some reason I do know know the answer off the top of my head I will talk to the appropriate people to get you the answer.

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