Bitcoin, better than Gold

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After studying bitcoin and being and advocate for the precious metals industry, I have came to an interesting realization; bitcoin is better than gold at being a daily money.


This is just a quick post showing why this cryptocurrency is better at being money than gold; however I am not a financial expert so please do not dump your life saving without doing diligent research yourself on the topic. Also I am not saying that Bitcoin will replace Gold or Silver. In my opinion nothing will ever take the value away from these precious metals.

Bitcoin is better than gold


From the chart above we can see that bitcoin is better than the United States Dollar (USD) or any other fiat currency due to the fact that all fiat currencies are not a good store of value. They continually get inflated with more and more paper dollars or digits making the current bills less valuable. The USD alone has lost over 95% of it’s value since it became a fiat currency.

Bitcoin versus Gold

It looks more like a tie so lets get into why bitcoin is better than gold.

  1. Medium of exchange
    1. Gold – easy to use in person; not so easy to use online.
    2. Bitcoin – easy to use in person and online. Also has the ability to be sent around the world in seconds.
  2. Measure of value
    1. Gold – 1 ounce = 1 ounce. If someone is willing to sell an item for 1 ounce of gold and you have 1 ounce you can buy that good.
    2. Bitcoin – 1 coin = 1 coin. (Same selling scenario as above)
  3. Fungible
    1. Gold – Can only be divided so far (normally 1/10 of an ounce)
    2. Bitcoin – Can be divided into 100 million smaller units (the smallest [0.00000001] is called a satoshi)
  4. Store of value
    1. Gold – Does not inflate due to it’s limited nature
    2. Bitcoin – Does not inflate due to it’s programming

Ok, let’s tally up the the results:

Bitcoin comes out on top of Gold 2 of 4 times.
Gold comes out on top of bitcoin 0 of 4 times.
Gold and Bitcoin tie 2 of 4 times.

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07. April 2015 by Jaron
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Speed Up Your Verizon FiOS WiFI For Free!

Speed Up WiFi for Free

After many hours of trying to figure out how to use my own Wireless Router for WiFi and keep my Verizon FiOS supplied router to enjoy the benefits of the Set Top Box (STB); I came to a realization that a simple setting change may be all I needed to get my WiFi Speeds closer to what I pay for.

Before Speeding Up Your WiFi:

I am using the Actiontec MI424WR that was provided by Verizon; if you do not have this exact router and are confident in poking around in the router settings I am sure there will be a very similar setup.

We will be changing the standard to a “newer” standard; so if you change the setting and you find some of your older devices are not able to connect this is why. If this does happen to you follow the steps below again and change to either “Legacy Mode” or “Compatibility Mode”. Unfortunately, your speeds may suffer but at least you’ll be able to connect your wireless devices.

Steps to Boosting Your WiFi for Free:

  • Log into your Verizon FiOS router.
    1. Plug a computer directly into your Verizon router using an Ethernet cable.
    2. Open a web browser
    3. Type “” into the address bar
    4. Enter the username and password (on back of router if you have not changed it)
  • Click “Wireless Settings”
  • Click “Advanced Security Settings” on the left side navigation bar
  • Click “802.11b/g/n Mode”
  • Select “Performance Mode” from the drop down
  • Click “Apply”
  • That’s it!
    1. You may have to update your password if you are using one
    2. Run a speed test after to check

Check out the step by step video on YouTube:

21. February 2015 by Jaron
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Pebble Smart Watch – A Review After Intense Research

Company: Pebble Technology Corp.
Category: Technology
Rating: 9.9/10
Price: $99

Pebble Smart Watch ReviewDisclaimer: I know this is not a new product at the time of writing this, but now there are many competitors to the Pebble Smart Watch and that could leave a buy feeling a bit overwhelmed.

After using the Pebble Smart Watch for over a month I am glad to say that I picked the right smart watch for me. Not only does it look ‘geeky’ (right up my alley) but it also functions flawlessly. From game alerts to phone calls it’s all right there on my wrist to view.

You may be thinking; why would I want all my notifications to alert me via wrist watch? I had the same thought when considering whether or not I wanted to drop the money on one of these new gadgets. After browsing around I found a lot of people talking about how convenient it is to have the ability to glance at a notification and not take out our mobile (I refuse to call them “phones” anymore).

So I decided to look around for which smart watch would work best for me and it came to the Pebble. Without ever touching a single smart watch in my life I looked at the pros and cons of the newer Android Wear devices and the Pebble Smart Watch. What sold me on the Pebble was the ability to see the screen in broad daylight, ‘long’ battery life, and the fact that it is water proof. All of those things no Android Wear device could say at the time of my research.

Pebble Pros:

  • Fast Charging
    • The first time I charged this device I was asleep and did not see how fast this little guy charged.
    • On the second charge, I was at work and saw this trooper charge from about 15% to 90% in about one hour.
  • Long battery life
    • They Pebble is advertised to last five to seven days on a single charge. I have had much better results.
    • Since I turn off Bluetooth when I am at home I have been getting close to fourteen days of batter life. Which is great for any modern day mobile electronic.
  • Easy to read
    • The screen is black and white, similar to the Kindle’s display which makes it super easy to see in bright areas or in direct sunlight.
    • There is also a back-light for those dark rooms.
  • Easy to use
    • There are only four buttons on this watch; up, down, select, and back.
    • This makes it very easy to know what button to use do do a certain task (also the fact that there are only a few actions that can be used).
  • Quick notification viewing
    • This is one of the greatest features of any smart watch (and Google Glass).
    • Being able to glance at your wrist to see if that email, text message, or snapchat is important makes a world of difference. Especially when out with friends or visiting family.
  • Still get notified even if phone is on silent
    • This comes in handy when at work; I feel really weird having my mobile on ring when I am working cause I don’t want to disrupt my coworkers.
    • Putting the mobile on silent does not effect the Pebble; my wrist will vibrates to alert me and no one hears a sound.

Pebble Cons:

  • No voice commands
    • This would make the Pebble 100% better than any other smart watch out there. However, this is a feature that I have only found on Android Wear devices.
    • I love Google Now and use it almost daily, so having that ability on my wrist would save a lot of time.
  • Proprietary charger
    • I would have liked for the Pebble to use a micro USB cable to charge since I own about ten of them already.
    • With that said the charge they supply is nice but if it gets lost we will be paying for a new one from their site.

Buy the Pebble Smart Watch on Amazon and help out the site! You pay the same price, get free shipping, and a small kick back helps keep my site up and running.

If you have any questions about the Pebble Smart Watch please leave them in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help out.

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