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How To Prevent Phishing and Stop Account Hijacking

With our lives becoming more internet dependent the risk of getting our information stolen increases. This then increases the demand for security, different passwords, and knowledge on how to create a great password. The two approaches that give us the most bang for our buck is to use a password manager and use dice to…
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How To Boost Your Quality Of Life With Automation

Repetitive tasks are tedious, mind-numbing, and mostly a waste of our precious time. We only do them because they need to be done, but we can automate almost all of these brainless routines. With automation, we give back to ourselves the time we would have wasted yet again on whatever needs doing again and again.…
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How To Conquer Your Lurking App Addiction and Be Productive

Mobile applications are designed to keep us using the service. Scrolling mindlessly on a slow drip of dopamine looking for the next novel image that will make us laugh, cry, or question. However, this is not good for productivity and can leave us unmotivated when challenges arise when we aim to achieve our goals. Many…
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The Most Valuable Skill Today Is Your Ability To Understand Code

Basic understanding of computer logic is more needed today than ever before, and this trend will only continue for the foreseeable future. Our world is more and more technological and the less we know about how computers and programs work the more we are put at the mercy of the creators. We need to stop…
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Why I’ll Never Use Windows and How To Make The Switch To Linux

I’m the only one in my family that understands this fundamental law of computing. My sister was having issues with her laptop that she bought a few years ago. So I reformatted it and only a short time after she decides to buy a Chromebook. She then offered me the laptop to have and to…
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5 Reasons Why RSS Is the Ultimate Underdog and Kills Social Feeds

After some thinking about the current state of social media and mass email lists, RSS came to mind, and it’s actually a much better alternative for privacy. No data collection and no feed manipulation. It’s like someone from the future went to the past and gave us the answer to subscribing to creators without giving…
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