J. R. Swab

Hi, I'm Jaron.

The owner (and sole employee) of Swab Technologies LLC.

A company started to teach people about technology using online content.

Since the founding in 2016, Swab Technologies has expanded into many areas. Including...

... coaching new programmers...

... running the Hacker Culture podcast...

... and helping small businesses leverage the internet.

At 16 I started programming and creating content about the tech I was learning.

Both have become a great passion and through content creation my life's mission was discovered.

My Mission

My mission is to make tech easier to learn, use, and profit from.

For anyone trying to learn...

... I focus on simplicity and easy to understand analogies.

For anyone struggling to get a programming job...

... I teach them what they need to stand out it the crowded job market.

For more information visit swabtech.io

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