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Breto; A Multi-UI Status Bar

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Breto (originally called Go-Status) is a small project I wrote a few months back to display the time and date in DWM. It's written in Go and the name means "shelf" in Esperanto.

How To Search A Sorted Matrix With Go

Categories: [Technology]

I started learning common algorithms to better my programming ability. It’s the biggest skill set that I lack at the moment. So many problems have a common ground is these algorithms and having a good handle on them can only make problem solving easier.

Is VSCode Open Source?

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For years I only wrote code in a terminal via Neovim but chose to give VSCode a spin and I found I really like it. Hovewer, it's not as open source as I orginally thought.

Achieve SOLID Design in Go

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The following information is a compilation of Wikipedia and the 2016 speech by Dave Cheney (link at the bottom). If I am missing anything or have the wrong idea please message me.

Hiking Shenandoah

Categories: [Photography]

The past week I got to spend with my in-laws in the mountians of Virginia. Our rental home was just outside of Shenandoah Nationl Park on another mountain with a wonderful view. That first night had a great cloud-less sunset that lasted much longer than expected.

Tech For Bloggers

Categories: [Content Creation]

Today we have another mashup with my love of technology and my love of blogging. Over the past fifteen years I always looked for new apps to proofread my work and allow me a distraction free enviroment. I am one to try new apps and technology for the possibility of increasing my work flow. Being an...

My Testimony of Salvation

Categories: [Faith]

Hi everyone,

I wanted to type this up for a long time now and the Lord has weighed it on me to share it with you all. I was born and raised in a home that attend a Presbyterian congregation every Sunday (I don't think we missed more than two or three times a year). That group, and my family, all u...

How to Play Dwarf Fortress in the Terminal

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The following instructions are for Arch Linux without Xorg (so essentially terminal only arch or what you get after a fresh Arch Linux install). If you are using Ubuntu server or another distro, the steps should be close to the same. But not exact so please do your research. You may get lucky and just have to edit the config file.

Two Ways To Block Ads On Your Entire Network

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Many people use an ad blocker like uBlockOrigin to block ads from tracking us around the web but this only works on the devices it is installed on. We can do one better and prevent them all across any network in our control.

Matrix: Decentralized Communication

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In this episode of the Hacker Culture Podcast we talk about Matrix and the Riot app. A decentralized chat protocal and it's flagship app for all platforms.