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How To Create a Linked List Using Golang

Categories: [Technology]

Lately I started to practice my data structures to get a better grasp of programming. Today I chose to tackle the Linked List from scratch using Go. I have not had to write a linked list in forever which made this a great mental exercise.

Peer-To-Peer: Our Only Hope

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Peer-to-peer has been around a long time and is decentralized in nature. Yes, this is decentralized without the need for a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are awesome but not everything needs to use that technology to be decentralized. All cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer but not all peer-to-peer decentralization has to be on a blockchain.

Scripting Server Customization & Setup

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As you well know by now, I am a big nerd. The more I learn, the more I find myself moving away from large desktop environments and window managers to the terminal. The terminal is fast, efficient, and does not hog system resources.

It is to a point now that if I can do it in the terminal then I do...

How To Use Instagram On Your Computer

Categories: [Technology]

So you want to post that dank meme an instagram but don't want to bust out your mobile or download the app? I got you covered.

I Removed Google From My Primary Device

Categories: [Technology]

I've been a big advocate of Google services for a long time. I always understood the standpoint that being free services they have the right to use the data I'm putting in. This is how they can make great products and keep them free.

I'd also like to say before getting into this post that if you u...

Breto; A Multi-UI Status Bar

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Breto (originally called Go-Status) is a small project I wrote a few months back to display the time and date in DWM. It's written in Go and the name means "shelf" in Esperanto.

How To Search A Sorted Matrix With Go

Categories: [Technology]

I started learning common algorithms to better my programming ability. It’s the biggest skill set that I lack at the moment. So many problems have a common ground is these algorithms and having a good handle on them can only make problem solving easier.

Is Vscode Truly Open Source?

Categories: [Technology]

For years I only wrote code in a terminal via Neovim but chose to give VSCode a spin and I found I really like it. Hovewer, it's not as open source as I orginally thought.

Achieve SOLID Design in Go

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The following information is a compilation of Wikipedia and the 2016 speech by Dave Cheney (link at the bottom). If I am missing anything or have the wrong idea please message me.

Hiking Shenandoah

Categories: [Photography]

The past week I got to spend with my in-laws in the mountians of Virginia. Our rental home was just outside of Shenandoah Nationl Park on another mountain with a wonderful view. That first night had a great cloud-less sunset that lasted much longer than expected.