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Are Christians Actually Forbidden To Drink Alcohol?

Categories: [Faith]

The question of whether or not it's forbidden to drink is divided across two camps and it's often a simple yes or a no.

I don't care what people say...

I care what the Bible says.

And just making a blanket statement like "no, a true follower of Jesus would never drink because it's a sin" is to...

How To Create Meaningfull Habits

Last year I had the goal to read at least one book every week. I learned a lot about the mind, building wealth, and how to improve various areas of my life that I thought needed some help. The following information is from my notes on the Book "The Power of Habits" by Charles Duhigg. The book is ful...

I hate 80s Music But Fell in Love With Synthwave

Categories: [Personal]

Even though I was born in 1988, I grew up in love with 70s rock and roll. My favorite band was Led Zeppelin, and they influenced much of my music taste through high school and college. My musical taste was not limited to Rock, but I also listened to hip-hop, folk, and indie across many decades. Some...


Categories: [Faith]

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday here in the United States and the only one worth celebrating in my opinion. I am obligated to observe the others or at least expected to participate in the customs and traditions, but we can talk about all that another time. When it comes to this day, I hav...

We Finally Have Security

Categories: [Technology]

After much hassle this site now allows you to connect via HTTPS. I did this more as a cosmetic than an actual need to secure any data. Now that green lock is present, we all can feel safer.

Adding TLS support is cosmetic for everyone reading is because you are not sending sensitive data to my ser...

This Is What Happens When a Nerd Needs to Lose Weight

Categories: [Personal]

A few days ago I opened up my RSS reader and saw a post by Eric S. Raymond titled Stop whining and get the job done. I like to be motivated, so I clicked to read more. To my surprise, his post was not about something tech related but weight loss. After reading his post and hearing what he is doing...

Why This Technology Lover Needs a Journal

Categories: [Analog]

I love technology. As time goes on you will see a high percentage of my posts will be about something tech related. However, this me, my personal blog and I want you to get to know me for more than just technology.

Even though, I've already labeled as a "techie" by many people and hold to the idea...

I'm Rethinking RSS

Categories: [Technology]

After some thinking about the current state of social media and mass email lists, RSS came to mind, and it's actually a much better alternative for privacy. No data collection, no feed manipulation, no email newsletters. It's like someone from the future went to the past and gave us the answer to su...

No View Counts, No Worries

Categories: [Content Creation]

The creation of this site is done with an open-source GUI called Publii. I stumbled across it about a week ago, and it sounded exactly like what I needed to make this blog. I wanted to stay away from WordPress this time and was looking for a static site to keep to keep the load times to a minimum.


The Right Time Is Always Now

Categories: [Content Creation]

Create. Quit.

Create. Quit.

New project. Old project.

Change platform. Hustle.

Change platform. Hustle.

This has been my life for fifteen to twenty years. I start one project get bored and move on to another. In the middle of blogging on one platform move to another with hopes of more sign...