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Security Tips For Android Users

Categories: [Technology]


Every device today has the option to encrypt your phone or tablet. I started using this feature around 2015 when I picked up the Google Nexus 6p. We have touched on encryption in the past and will touch on again as it pertains to your mobile device.

Encryption on your phone or tablet...

How To Keep Them Pining

Categories: [Content Creation]

The posts we create are the nucleus of the blog. Every other aspect is second to the quality of the content we create. This includes commenting, getting logos, engaging in group chats, and promotion. We can still do many of those things without creating posts but our growth will only go so far.


A Technology Nerd's Notion Review

Categories: [Technology]

I love notes, writing, and storing ideas. I use my bullet journal for most things and enjoy the feeling of writing with a fountain pen. That said, being INTP I tend never to have a rigid schedule and find myself writing very little in my Bullet Journal from day to day. The same three to five things...

YaCy, A Decentralized Search Alternative

Categories: [Technology]

Today we are getting more in-depth wit YaCy and why it is important. We, as internet users, need to be mindful of who is using our data and how. Does it benefit us to give up our information and privacy?

Convenience is often the only benefit found for today's mass data collection of internet users...

Regado aŭ Konformeco ~ Poemo

Categories: [Poetry]

Jen estas poemo mi skribis en 2018 tio mi decidis al reskribas on Esperanton.

negocis kasteloj por ĉielskrapantoj

nun dubas li ĉiutaga ekvilibro

de vevo kampaso en mano

kaj luno ombras supre

lia piedo alprenas unuaulo saltego

ekde hejmo al profunda scias

en serĉas de libero regado



Monero is our future

Categories: [Technology]

I know I do not talk about cryptocurrency a lot on this blog and that is because of how fast the market can change. This coin is different though, Monero started back in 2014 and had slowly gained ground in a steady climb and often sits in the top 10 cryptos by market cap.

I overlooked Monero for...

Decentralizing The Marketplace

Categories: [Technology]

As we progress in our immersion of technology, we move more and more of our daily transactions to the Internet. Sites like Amazon and eBay paved the way in their particular niche. Now we have Walmart, Target, and many other brick-and-mortar stores increasing their online presence.

These are all ce...

Choose Wisdom - An Original Poem

Categories: [Poetry]

do sleepy sheep question do rainbows calculate their path do the old see raw comedy in their anticipated tragedy

life is not a hopeless gamble or the lay of scattered dice apples for health, jobs for wealth better to aim for wisdom

Ways to support the blog.

If you are an email kind of nerd you...

A Yearly Bible Reading Plan

Categories: [Faith]

Reading the Bible is a year is a popular method to get through its entirety. However, the readings can be short, and as a follower of Jesus, the reader needs more time in this fantastic book. At the time of writing, I read the Bible through twice.

The first time took about eight months, and I used...

How To Type Esperanto With Any Keyboard!

Categories: [Technology]

Once I started to type in Esperanto to other people around the web I found I needed an easy way to type the Unicode characters for the letters not found on an English keyboard.

On a Chromebook

Press CTRL+SHIFT+U in any input field to get an underlined “u” on in the text field. Then type the Un...