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Drift - The deep dark night of space so empty cold he floats amid the falling balls of flame so many planets circle round quite old as comets mock the floating spaceman's aim

Will gravity be garnered once again thoughts race to airy skies of birds and breeze across the vast black nothing, missin... Categories: [Poetry]

Silicon Strings - Silicon strings bind us as we dance across scrambled signals. Electronic emotion beating inside fleshly hearts trying to escape to manifest our physical blemish littered existence. Dancing across tangled copper wire within the silicon chips that bi…... Categories: [Poetry]

Cyber Dreams - Cyber dreams floating across the ever endless stream. Signals traversing land and sea a chance to reach for you from me.... Categories: [Poetry]

Surrender All - Weak, faint, feeble fragile shatters glass broken pieces drifting across empty plains you see me whole past my mess past my pain fall into your strength nothing can be done surrendering all to you for you've already won... Categories: [Poetry]

Brisk Auburn Sky - brisk auburn sky whisked clouds float by bird-less trees freeze gusts of chilled breeze stiff blades of grass snap under my mass breath frozen on beard hair piercing wind too sharp to care... Categories: [Poetry]

Winter Sonnet - The snow falls gently on the vast still plain a horse does trample bitter frozen ground while chipmunks slumber nothing quite to gain and ants asleep inside their hollow mound

The charcoal river fish have swum away petite brown deer do prance the powdered snow while wool wrapped neighbor... Categories: [Poetry]

Regado aŭ Konformeco ~ Poemo - Jen estas poemo mi skribis en 2018 tio mi decidis al reskribas on Esperanton.

negocis kasteloj por ĉielskrapantoj nun dubas li ĉiutaga ekvilibro de vevo kampaso en mano kaj luno ombras supre lia piedo alprenas unuaulo saltego ekde hejmo al profunda scias en serĉas de libero regado


... Categories: [Poetry]

Choose Wisdom - An Original Poem - do sleepy sheep question do rainbows calculate their path do the old see raw comedy in their anticipated tragedy life is not a hopeless gamble or the lay of scattered dice apples for health, jobs for wealth better to aim for wisdom

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If you are an email kind of nerd you... Categories: [Poetry]

Spleno Vinto ~ Originalo Poemo - vigla pikas venta potenco glacia normoj ekvento ŝtormo sala stratoj butonis ŝaflano koltuko vango plugis amasaĵo varmiĝas drinkaĵo vintro malĝojiĝas

The verison originally written in Engish

(For all you English speakers and anyone that want to see the original here you have it!) briskly bite w... Categories: [Poetry]