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Photos From Valley Forge - This past weekend was spent with my in-laws just outside of Philly. After some coffee at a small shop we went to Vally Forge for a hike. Here are the shots I kept, there was not a lot of color making all but these disposable. Photography]

The Beauty Of Open Source -

What is Open Source?

Open Source is software whose code is not locked down. Anyone can look at the code, even you. This allows for many benefits over the proprietary alternatives. One such benefit is more eyes equal more chances of finding issues in the code. Issues that may lead to data breaches... Categories: [Technology]

Silicon Strings - Silicon strings bind us as we dance across scrambled signals. Electronic emotion beating inside fleshly hearts trying to escape to manifest our physical blemish littered existence. Dancing across tangled copper wire within the silicon chips that bi…... Categories: [Poetry]

Terminal, The Only App You Need -

What Is The Linux Command Line?

The command line is a blank screen with a blinking cursor and username. It can be very intimidated to a new user of Linux but they will soon find out how great this little application can be. It is here where you can type in commands and the computer will run them.... Categories: [Technology]

Cyber Dreams - Cyber dreams floating across the ever endless stream. Signals traversing land and sea a chance to reach for you from me.... Categories: [Poetry]

How To Be Saved - After spending years in the New Age movement I was resuced from spiritual death. This only happend once I realized that there was nothing I could do to save myself. The fear of God, his wrath, and the comming judgment moved me. I threw out all my occult possesions and confessed to God that I wante... Categories: [Faith]

Surrender All - Weak, faint, feeble fragile shatters glass broken pieces drifting across empty plains you see me whole past my mess past my pain fall into your strength nothing can be done surrendering all to you for you've already won... Categories: [Poetry]

The Ultimate Way To Desktop Manage - Window managers create the look and feel of your programs as they appear on your screen. Microsoft and Apple only come with one type of manager installed. Linux allows you to install whatever type you'd like. Just another reason Linux is awesome!

Types Of Window Managers

There is a good number o... Categories: [Technology]

How To Save Our Internet -

Why this matters.

As internet companies get more tremendous and central, the ability for those companies to work together for their best interest increases. This only leads us toward less innovation and keeping the status quo, but technology should always push forward. Some sources claim Google ho... Categories: [Technology]

The Reason Esperanto Is Easier To Learn - Many people want to learn a second language but have trouble grasping all the inconsistencies that came along with all natural languages. Esperanto is different. It is a constructed language, which means it was created and not formed naturally. This allowed the creator to make it as easy as possible... Categories: [self improvement]

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