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Web Browsers To Increase Privacy & Security

Categories: [Technology]

Web browsers are our gateway to the internet but with so many choices how do we know which is best for us? Being a big nerd, I tend to hop around from browser to browser looking for what fits me. I want the application to not get in the way of serving up pages while allowing me to customize the priv...

How To Secure Data Efficiently

Categories: [Technology]

Securing our data is the most important thing we can do in this digital age. However using PGP based products does not come easy for most.

What is PGP, GPG, and Open PGP?


PGP stands for 'Pretty Good Privacy' and rightfully so, it's pretty darn good! It is used to encrypt messages and files...

What Live Streaming Taught Me

Categories: [self improvement]

Many of us would like to overcome the fear of public speaking or became a master of small talk. However, the level of anxiety that we face is almost always enough to push us away from self-growth. After years of live streaming on various platforms the fear and anxiety of speaking to new people great...

How To Unlock Potential Through Journaling

Categories: [How To]

Effective DIY journaling can be overwhelming starting from scratch. Those of us that gravitate towards this style don't want to be restricted by the traditional journals with preformatted days. However, the number of choices we have in creating a custom journal is infinite and can leave a person par...

Experience Switching To The Dvorak Keyboard

Categories: [Technology]

Back in October of 2017, I chose to drop QWERTY cold turkey and force myself to learn how to type on the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. I tried to accomplish this about a year prior but fell off when I could not type well in either style. I also was not typing a lot back then, so my practice was seldom...

Creators, Drop Patreon Use Liberapay

Categories: [Technology]

Patreon is able to shut down the income of a creator that is flagged by a random user. This is, at times, warranted by the content of the creator but is a very slippery slope. Instead of leaving this source of funding to a company that takes a cut and can shut you down without notice; creators shoul...

Walking the Line Between Religiosity and Reprobation

Categories: [Faith]

The Bible is full of a lot of commands for believers; these commands tell us how to like morally and keep us from becoming a reprobate. However, there is another side to this coin that Jesus often spoke out against, and that is Religiosity. Religiosity is defined as excessive or affected piety; basi...

How To Stop Account Hijacking

Categories: [Technology]

With our lives becoming more internet dependent the risk of getting our information stolen increases. This then increases the demand for security, different passwords, and knowledge on how to create a great password. The two approaches that give us the most bang for our buck is to use a password m...

Plan To Be Productive Every Day

Many of us see the day slip through our fingers wondering where the time went wishing for more. Instead, we should create our ideal day every day. Scheduling our day sounds like it will limit what we can do and make us feel like we are back in high school. However, this is not the case as I have fou...

Why We Need Decentralization

Categories: [Technology]

The majority of our web-based lives are centralized. We talk to websites owned by one company to use apps and services solving our daily needs. This is all well and good until the company goes under or is offline due to an attack. Decentralization is the answer to this problem in a way that allows f...