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How To Mine Monero With AMD Graphics On Linux

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One day awhile back I chose to learn about a cryptocurrency that previously I knew nothing about. The pick was Monero, a coin (at the time) ranked thirteenth by market cap on coinmarketcap.com and eighth by price. What I found interesting about this coin was the mining algorithm, CryptoNight.


Spleno Vinto ~ Originalo Poemo

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vigla pikas venta potenco glacia normoj ekvento ŝtormo sala stratoj butonis ŝaflano koltuko vango plugis amasaĵo varmiĝas drinkaĵo vintro malĝojiĝas

The verison originally written in Engish

(For all you English speakers and anyone that want to see the original here you have it!)

briskly bite w...

Silver Ions Kill Harmful Bacteria!

Around four or five years ago is the first time I heard about "colloidal silver." The idea intrigued me enough to entertain the idea and buy some off ETSY to try. I never got serious about the substance since the information seemed to be all over the place. Some call it ignorance and others call it...

Leverage Technology For Better Blogging

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Today we have another mashup with my love of technology and my love of blogging. Over the past fifteen years, I always looked for new apps to proofread my work and allow me a distraction-free environment. I am one to try new apps and technology for the possibility of increasing my workflow. Being an...

Learn Bash: Tutorial 004

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Welcome back to our Bash tutorial, in this post we will get deeper than the last. Head back and read those first if you are new to Bash scripting. Otherwise we can move forward and talk about more awesome Bash tools to make our computing life easier.

As said in the lasts post if you are reading th...

Learn Bash: Tutorial 003

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The previous post in this series covered a few basic commands that we use most often in both the terminal and in Bash scripts. Today we will stay with this trend as we progress into more ways to manipulate what our computer does. If you have never used Bash, go back and read over the other two pos...

Learn Bash: Tutorial 002

Categories: [Technology]

Welcome back to the bash tutorial series. If you have not read the first in the series and you have never used bash please check that out before continuing. There are basic commands and terms we cover there that may make this section easier to follow.

Also, if you are reading this and you know b...

Learn Bash: Tutorial 001

Categories: [Technology]

This is a start to a series all about bash and scripting for the terminal. There are lots of commands to cover but today is all about the basics. As long as the information fits within the one thousand word limit that this blog adheres to we should cover what bash is and some basic commands. The goa...

You Need The Growth Mindset

Categories: [Self Improvement]

Recently I came across this idea known as the growth mindset by Carol Dweck. As I read, I found the ideas it held lined up with my take on blogging. This mindset has several points or attributes that help us achieve goals and milestones. Without this mindset we limit ourselves in both our mental abi...

This Tech Lover's Daily Carry

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So you may be able to guess some of the thing a guy like me carries around with him everywhere he goes, but I'm confident at least one thing on this list will surprise you. It will probably be different for many of you, so please leave a comment below telling everyone what you least expected to find...