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How To Stop Leaking Metadata - Even if you use a VPN and surf the web over TLS/HTTPS your ISP or the coffee shop you sit in can still know where you go and what you do on the internet. It's this data that gets sold to the highest bidder for a profit off what you do online. No matter if it is the coffee shop or your ISP it's dis... Categories: [Technology]

You Need A Hardware Wallet - If you put money into Bitcoin or another crypto, it's mad essential to store your wealth in a hardware wallet. These devices keep your private keys offline which significantly increases your security and limits the chances of your currency being stolen. I picked up my first hardware wallet back in... Categories: [Technology]

How To Increase Efficiency With Bash Automation - As you well know by now, I am a big nerd. Not the broken glasses and suspender-wearing kind but the learn as much about computers as I can kind. The more I learn, the more I find myself moving away from large desktop environments and window managers to the terminal. The terminal is fast, efficient,... Categories: [Technology]

Why You Should Use Free & Open Source - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is a group of programs and projects classified as both open-source and free software. This type of software respects the user's freedom while allowing all of us to look over the code. The ability to review code is essential, so we know exactly what the program is... Categories: [Technology]

Reclaim Your Privacy With F-Droid - All modern phones and mobile devices come with a pre-packaged app store to allow you to download useful applications. The store software is closed-source, and the majority of the applications we install are the same. Maybe the app could be open source if they did not rely on some little bit of cod... Categories: [Technology]

Your VPN Is Not Enough - Your VPN Is Not Enough My previous post about VPNs had a lot of traction over the Fediverse. Thanks to everyone for all the support and also thanks to the readers that pointed out what I missed about VPNs. How they are inherently secure but not private in many respects. They are correct; no on... Categories: [Technology]

VPNs Are Awesome (When Used Correctly) - Internet Service Providers can see the sites you visit, log them, sell them, or slow you down when using a specific website. All of this is the focus of net neutrality which may or may not be a good thing for the internet. I'll avoid my strong urge to blast my politically educated opinion on net neu... Categories: [Technology]

You Need Secure Chat Apps - Secure chat is a topic that I am always looking into because I believe we all have a right to privacy. Searching new apps that come onto the market to see if they have default encryption are open source and respect the users. Encrypting our chat does not mean we have something illegal to say or sh... Categories: [Technology]

How To Create The New You In The New Year - Its already the last day of the year, you want to improve your life, but the majority of people drop their resolutions within the first month. What can we do to make sure the "new us" sticks for the full year? There are a lot of tactics floating around the internet from productivity hacks to living... Categories: [Self Improvement]

Keep Your Email Private - I have several email addresses that claim to encrypt my data and even the email sent if the other user has an account with the same provider. All of them work well, but Tutanota is my favorite by far for many reasons. The main reason is its open source, and we all know how much I love open source so... Categories: [Technology]

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