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Three Free Apps to Kill Evernote - Evernote is the dominant powerhouse in the digital note-taking ecosystem and is the standard against all others are measured. The system of notebooks, notes, and tags make organization a breeze. However, the closed source code troubles many of our privacy-focused peers. To be a viable competitor t... Categories: [Technology]

Mental Math Tricks You Need To Know - The ability to recall the answers to math equations is touted as a spark of genius and a primary goal for many elementary school children. Memorizing numbers, carrying remainders, and long handing "all-the-things" is the norm but this is not the optimal nor the most efficient way to learn math. In... Categories: [How To]

Is Bitcoin Technology the Mark of the Beast? - New technology is scary, and as a Christian, we are warned about the "mark of the beast." This mark ends up in the hands and on the foreheads of people living through the "time of Jacob's trouble", more commonly know as the "great tribulation." I first heard of Bitcoin in early 2015 and spent mont... Categories: [Technology, Faith]

Linux Makes Everything Better - I'm the only one in my family that understands this fundamental law of computing. My sister was having issues with her laptop that she bought a few years ago. So I reformatted it and only a short time after she decides to buy a Chromebook. She then offered me the laptop to have and to do as I plea... Categories: [Technology]

4 Reasons Why You Need Grav - I started this blog with a content management system (CMS) called Publii. Publii is a very well made application, and I highly recommend it for anyone starting their first blog. It's easy to use, navigate, and update your site. All you need to get started is a host and a domain name. From there you... Categories: [Technology]

Are Christians Actually Forbidden To Drink Alcohol? - The question of whether or not it's forbidden to drink is divided across two camps and it's often a simple yes or a no. I don't care what people say... I care what the Bible says. And just making a blanket statement like "no, a true follower of Jesus would never drink because it's a sin" is to... Categories: [Faith]

How To Create Meaningfull Habits - Last year I had the goal to read at least one book every week. I learned a lot about the mind, building wealth, and how to improve various areas of my life that I thought needed some help. The following information is from my notes on the Book "The Power of Habits" by Charles Duhigg. The book is ful...

I hate 80s Music But Fell in Love With Synthwave - Even though I was born in 1988, I grew up in love with 70s rock and roll. My favorite band was Led Zeppelin, and they influenced much of my music taste through high school and college. My musical taste was not limited to Rock, but I also listened to hip-hop, folk, and indie across many decades. Some... Categories: [Personal]

Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday here in the United States and the only one worth celebrating in my opinion. I am obligated to observe the others or at least expected to participate in the customs and traditions, but we can talk about all that another time. When it comes to this day, I hav... Categories: [Faith]

We Finally Have Security - After much hassle this site now allows you to connect via HTTPS. I did this more as a cosmetic than an actual need to secure any data. Now that green lock is present, we all can feel safer. Adding TLS support is cosmetic for everyone reading is because you are not sending sensitive data to my ser... Categories: [Technology]

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