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Keep Your Email Private - I have several email addresses that claim to encrypt my data and even the email sent if the other user has an account with the same provider. All of them work well, but Tutanota is my favorite by far for many reasons. The main reason is its open source, and we all know how much I love open source so... Categories: [Technology]

How To Format In The Flow - Most blogging sites today have a built-in editor with buttons to format our text. However, there is a better way to format our content to give us more control with less distraction. These are HTML and Markdown. Using one of these formatting methods allows you to create your posts offline while... Categories: [Content Creation]

Bullet Journal Method Book Review - After starting to Bullet Journal for better clarity and organization, many questions pop up about how and why; this book answers them all. Honestly, it is hard to put down this book. The writing style flows so well, the ideas and concepts are not stuffed with technical terms (outside of Bullet Journ... Categories: [Self Improvement]

Encryption and Quantum Computers - Encryption becomes more of a backbone to our daily lives with every passing moment but what will happen when quantum computers are the norm?

What is Encryption

Put simply, Encryption is taking information and scrambling it, so it becomes gibberish. Turning this scrambled mess back into readable... Categories: [Technology]

How To Make The Switch To Linux - So you know that Linux is a better system for privacy and security, has more customization features, and is lightweight compared to its other operating system candidates. The problem is that the leap of faith into Linux is a bit anxiety inducing since it can feel so much different than your current... Categories: [Technology]

Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog. I never expected to see such great feedback in such a short amount of time. I pray everyone has a great holiday season with lots of time and fun with family and friends. As always, if you want to chat with me I'... Categories: [Personal]

Introduction To Vim - I began my VIM journey years ago after following a tutorial online for some obscure Linux function that said to open a configuration file in VIM. I then found out I had no idea how to do anything in this program. I could not type, only move the cursor. It seemed much too odd for me as a text edito... Categories: [Technology]

How To Create Your Own Cloud - I am an advocate for freedom and privacy. Since my nerd level is so high this leaks into my love of technology. You may not know this but I did not graduate with a degree in computer science. It was political science with a minor in music. Weird, yes. But technology has always been my passion an... Categories: [Technology]

Stop Sleeping Eight Hours Every Night! - Sleep is the most crucial act we do on a daily basis. But do we really need eight hours and is that even optimal? This has been on my mind ever since I started to wake up at five in the morning. I realized I was only getting between six and seven hours of sleep and some days I felt better than when... Categories: [self improvement]

How To Be An App Minimalist - Over time the apps on our mobile devices pile up, and we end up with a massive amount of icons we never touch. There is a better way to live in this digital world by only keeping what you need or what brings you lots of value. App minimalism is not about having the absolute least number of apps on... Categories: [self improvement]

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