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How To Type Esperanto With Any Keyboard!

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Once I started to type in Esperanto to other people around the web I found I needed an easy way to type the Unicode characters for the letters not found on an English keyboard.

On a Chromebook

Press CTRL+SHIFT+U in any input field to get an underlined “u” on in the text field. Then type the Unicode digits and press enter.

In Vim!

In insert mode, type ctrl+V u (control + shift + v, u) for Unicode up to 4 hex digits long. Use Ctrl+V U (control + shift + v, shift + u) for longer Unicode decimals. After the sequence, type the hexadecimal number of the character. Keep in mind, if you mapped ctrl+shift+v to past in Vim this will interfere.

In Emacs

Press Ctrl+x 8 Enter or Meta+x; then insert the Unicode number for your desired character.

By Operating System:

Esperanto Special Characters:

Unicode Symbol
U+0108 Ĉ
U+0109 ĉ
U+011C Ĝ
U+011D ĝ
U+0124 Ĥ
U+0125 ĥ
U+0134 Ĵ
U+0135 ĵ
U+015C Ŝ
U+015D ŝ
U+016C Ŭ
U+016D ŭ

Click here for an exhaustive list of the Unicode characters. Look for the ones in your target language and you're good to go!

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