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How to Play Dwarf Fortress in the Terminal - The following instructions are for Arch Linux without Xorg (so essentially terminal only arch or what you get after a fresh Arch Linux install). If you are using Ubuntu server or another distro, the steps should be close to the same. But not exact so please do your research. You may get lucky and just have to edit the config file. Categories: [Technology]

Two Ways To Block Ads On Your Entire Network - Many people use an ad blocker like uBlockOrigin to block ads from tracking us around the web but this only works on the devices it is installed on. We can do one better and prevent them all across any network in our control. Categories: [Technology]

Matrix: Decentralized Communication - In this episode of the Hacker Cultur Podcast we talk about Matrix and the Riot app. A decentralized chat protocal and it's flagship app for all platforms. Categories: [Technology]

How To Bind Any Unicode To Keys In Linux - Now that I am typing in Esperanto to others online I needed a fast way to type the characters not found in Engish. This would have been trivial if I was using a typical desktop environment like Gnome, Plasma, or KDE; but I use i3wm, and after much searching, I found this approach. Modifying this f... Categories: [Technology]

Powerful Effects Of Ergonomic Technology - We spend all day on our computers coding, blogging, and consuming knowledge. This leads to many problems over time that even myself deal with now. It is best to keep ergonomics in mind when updating our work space. Before I get too far into this post, let me say first I am not a doct... Categories: [Technology]

How To Create Easy and Secure Passwords - The first step to making sure our passwords are their best is to leave the 'password' mentality behind. We need to create 'passphrases' instead. A passphrase is like a password but longer, using several words together. The longer the passphrase is, the better off we will be. But there is a point of... Categories: [Technology]

The Best Mindset To Achieve Internet Privacy - While there is not just one thing that you can do to keep all your data private online; there is one mindset that will significantly increase the amount of privacy you obtain. This mindset or tactic is compartmentalization. Separate everything as much as possible. From email to social media, to on... Categories: [Technology]

The microG Project - Back in September of 2017 I wrote a post titled, "I De-Googled My Phone ~ The Experiment". It was my first full-length post on the STEEM blockchain. In that post, I recapped my experience using an Android phone without any Google services. It was strange at first but became normal sooner than I ex... Categories: [Technology]

Steem Dapps, IPFS, & Nebulus - The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is something that I am glad I came across at the beginning of 2018. It is an open source way to host files and share them around the web in a way that leads to a much faster and less expensive transfer of data. You probably know by now that I am a massive fa... Categories: [Technology]

How To Increase Android App Privacy - "The idea behind it is to provide a secure way to browse popular webapps by eliminating referrers, 3rd party requests, insecure HTTP requests, etc. It accomplishes this by providing a sandbox for multiple webapps. Each webapp will run in it's own sandbox, with 3rd party requests blocked, and all ext... Categories: [Technology]

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