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How To Install a Matrix Server (Synapse) on OpenBSD

Categories: [Technology], [How To], [OpenBSD]

After much trouble shooting for several days I finally got this working. :sweat_smile:

This setup uses Openbsd 7.1 and will use a reverse proxy via relayd.

SSL certs are not added directly into the synapse homeserver.yaml file in this setup.

Installation Steps

  1. Install synapse: doas pkg_...

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How to Run Syncthing as a Daemon on OpenBSD

Categories: [Technology], [How To], [OpenBSD]

  1. Install Syncthing pkg_add syncthing
  2. Enable Syncthing rcctl enable syncthing
  3. Update Daemon flag vi /etc/rc.d/syncthing, add -home=/var/syncthing
  4. Run Syncthing once to create initial files: /etc/rc.d/syncthing start
  5. Stop Syncthing after after a few minutes: /etc/rc.d/syncthing stop
  6. U...

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Install OpenBSD Sets From A USB Install Device

Categories: [OpenBSD]

I always seem to forget this and spend more time that I should trying to re-remember how to get access to the sets when installing OpenBSD via a USB drive.

How to install sets from a USB drive on OpenBSD:

  1. When prompted for set installation choose: disk
  2. When asked if the disk is mounted type...

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