J. R. Swab

Why Algorithms Are Actually Sabotaging You

Categories: [Technology]

A vast majority of mentees I work with have this mentality.

They think they need to be able to whip out a sort algorithm from the back of their brain in an interview.

This is a complete waste of their time...

It's not their fault though... because this idea has been push out from the biggest tech companies.

They do it because they can...

If you're working towards your first programming job there are much better things to focus on.

And if an entry level job asks you to live code a binary search tree... walk out and move on.

It's time to start doing the things that give you leverage toward a high paying job.


1. Become a master of one language.

If you spend time focused on one language you'll get good at it.

This focus is key when starting out and will make your interviews much easier.

2. Focus on Your Own Projects

This is a much better gauge of your ability than wasting your time memorizing how to code a hash map from scratch...

Spending your time on your own projects give you better hands on practice.

This will be 1,000 times more helpful when coding in the real world.

(Not to mention to coding challenges you'll likely receive.)

3. Focus on Your Resume

This is the one document that will make or break your chances getting an interview...

If you're blending in with everyone else... you can be sure to fight an uphill battle for a long time.

Stand out and you'll land your coding job much faster... (and even get a better salary offer in some cases.)

Here’s the thing...

There are a MILLION different ways to do all these things.

But the key is knowing WHAT to do first and what to do after that and after that, etc.

This process is sequential.

To make it happen you'll need the correct foot in front of the other.

So keep trucking and let me know if this resonated with you!