J. R. Swab

Virtues Of An Effective Programmer

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The Virtues Of An Effective Programmer

  1. Be Lazy in an industrious way.
  2. Be Impatient in a very patient way.
  3. Be Huberistic in a very humble way.

It is said that Hobbits would make great programmers:

  1. Persistence - Stubbornness to keep slogging through when the going gets rough,
  2. Smart - Can Outwit Enemies,
  3. Social - Can deal with a group of team members that may think very different than you,
  4. Literate - Be able to read and write documentation
  5. Slightly Insane - Able to view the long term while dealing with the problem at hand (able to work with details and abstractions at the same time)

This is a spin off the Virtues stated by Larry Wall; an American computer programmer, author, and creator of Perl.