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A Yearly Bible Reading Plan

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Reading the Bible is a year is a popular method to get through its entirety. However, the readings can be short, and as a follower of Jesus, the reader needs more time in this fantastic book. At the time of writing, I read the Bible through twice.

The first time took about eight months, and I used no specific plan. I just started in the New Testament and then moved into the Old Testament covering about five chapters a day. The second time it took me about five months which pins the daily reading to about twelve chapters each day.

Each time I go back to reread the Bible I refine how I go about doing so. As I said, the first time was straight through starting at the New Testament. This past reading was the Old, and New Testaments mixed together. Reading them together was great because the reader gets to see both sides of the history of salvation.

This year is the same but with the New Testament getting read once every quarter year (or four times a year). I chose to do this because most Bible plans that take the reader through the entire book in a year-end up only giving us one chapter each day in the New Testament. We need more than one chapter a day and something as small as three chapters a day will get us rereading the New Testament about four times each year.

My Reading Plans:

Old Testament

Surprisingly nowhere online had exactly what I needed which was reading every day, Sunday-Saturday, and only the Old Testament. So I had to make one and wow did it take forever. Probably because I kept messing it up, but here it is! Two or three chapters every day for 365 days!


(Best viewed in a monospaced font or in a terminal; may also be saved as a Markdown file to render the table.)

New Testament

This one was a lot easier since someone already had a reading plan made to read the entire New Testament within the first three months of the year. So I extrapolated and fixed any issues that occurred.

If you use the King James Bible double check the ending chapter numbers here as I am not sure what Bible was used when the first quarter was created. (Most modern Bibles take out some chapters and verses that are found in the KJB)


If you have any questions about these documents please let me know.

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