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My Testimony of Salvation

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to type this up for a long time now and the Lord has weighed it on me to share it with you all. I was born and raised in a home that attend a Presbyterian congregation every Sunday (I don't think we missed more than two or three times a year). That group, and my family, all u...

How To Be Saved

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After spending years in the New Age movement I was resuced from spiritual death. This only happend once I realized that there was nothing I could do to save myself. The fear of God, his wrath, and the comming judgment moved me. I threw out all my occult possesions and confessed to God that I wante...

A Yearly Bible Reading Plan

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Reading the Bible is a year is a popular method to get through its entirety. However, the readings can be short, and as a follower of Jesus, the reader needs more time in this fantastic book. At the time of writing, I read the Bible through twice.

The first time took about eight months, and I used...

What It Means To Be A Stoic Christian

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Learning about views others have on life, and other philosophies is a great way to understand what this life. As a follower of Jesus, my authority is with the Bible and as I read different views about how to conduct life my daily Bible reading acts as my filter.

We all need truth to hold on to, e...

What Does The Bible Say About Fasting?

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Fasting is gaining popularity in the health and wellness niche but as a follower of Jesus we need to be aware of what the Bible says.

Warnings about Fasting:

Fasting is not for salvation nor a religious ritual

Luke 18:9-14

9 And he spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselve...

Walking the Line Between Religiosity and Reprobation

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The Bible is full of a lot of commands for believers; these commands tell us how to like morally and keep us from becoming a reprobate. However, there is another side to this coin that Jesus often spoke out against, and that is Religiosity. Religiosity is defined as excessive or affected piety; basi...

4 Books Every Christian Needs To Read

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As a Christian, our central authority is the Bible. This book, which contains many smaller books, is the first place we should look when searching for answers to life and faith. At times the Bible can be a bit unclear, every time we read through we find new wisdom that we had not to know before even...

Is Bitcoin Technology the Mark of the Beast?

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New technology is scary, and as a Christian, we are warned about the "mark of the beast." This mark ends up in the hands and on the foreheads of people living through the "time of Jacob's trouble", more commonly know as the "great tribulation."

I first heard of Bitcoin in early 2015 and spent mont...

Are Christians Actually Forbidden To Drink Alcohol?

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The question of whether or not it's forbidden to drink is divided across two camps and it's often a simple yes or a no.

I don't care what people say...

I care what the Bible says.

And just making a blanket statement like "no, a true follower of Jesus would never drink because it's a sin" is to...


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Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday here in the United States and the only one worth celebrating in my opinion. I am obligated to observe the others or at least expected to participate in the customs and traditions, but we can talk about all that another time. When it comes to this day, I hav...