J. R. Swab

How to Write an ISO to USB on Linux with DD

Categories: [Technology]

DD(1) is a progam used to convert and copy a file to a desired location.

Usage: sudo dd status=progress if=name-of.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M; sudo sync

status=LEVEL The LEVEL of information to print to stderr; 'none' suppresses everything but error messages, 'noxfer' suppresses the final transfer statistics, 'progress' shows periodic transfer statistics.

if=name-of.iso The file you want to make bootable from the USB device.

of=/dev/sdx The device location of the USB device. Run lsblk to find your correct data.

bs=1M Read and write up to 1024 bytes at a time (default: 512).

sudo sync Synchronize cached writes to persistent storage.

For the rest of the avalible options every UNIX like operating system has the manual; man dd.