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My New Favorite Board Game: Dominion

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I have yet to meet a nerd that does not enjoy a good board game; there is strategy, excitement, and best of all no need to leave the house!

Makes us introverts very pleased indeed.

(Almost) Every year my wife gets me a new board or card game for my birthday. This past September she picked up Dominion. Dominion is a card game where you are tasked to build a strong deck each game and purchase points to win. What I really dig about the game is that it's never the same set of cards (or at least there is a slim chance).

That's because during the setup you shuffle a set of selector cards and select ten. These ten cards tell the players what piles they will draw from when buying cards to build their deck and there are a lot of piles. (No, I'm not counting them.)

The original game caps at four players which in fine for my wife and I since most of our gameplay happens with one other couple. However, it is the holiday season so we'll be with family a lot over the next week. So we picked up an expansion call Dominion: Intrigue and in that set of cards includes instructions to play with five or six people.

When everyone is paying attention and knows how to play, the game should only take a half hour to complete. This is never the case for me since we always tend to chat a ton with the people we play with.

Even then the game is not hard since there is a minimal need (if any) to pay attention to what other player do on their turn. You want to have the most points so the focus is on your deck and how you can increase your chances of buying more point cards.

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