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What You Need To Know About Sugar - As I learn more and more about a topic the more, my habits change to fit my new found knowledge. So if I read a study about why something is terrible for my health, I may only change my habits by five percent. It's this same studying that leads me to a low carbohydrate diet. I was addicted to suga... Categories: [self improvement]

Top Apps To Master Any Language - Learning a new language takes lots of time and practice. Immersing yourself into the brand-new language as much as possible is the best way to acquire new words, phrases, and grammar. Immersion can be physical, such as living in a country where your target language is primarily spoken, but this does... Categories: [self improvement]

The Reason Esperanto Is Easier To Learn - Many people want to learn a second language but have trouble grasping all the inconsistencies that came along with all natural languages. Esperanto is different. It is a constructed language, which means it was created and not formed naturally. This allowed the creator to make it as easy as possible... Categories: [self improvement]

Stop Sleeping Eight Hours Every Night! - Sleep is the most crucial act we do on a daily basis. But do we really need eight hours and is that even optimal? This has been on my mind ever since I started to wake up at five in the morning. I realized I was only getting between six and seven hours of sleep and some days I felt better than when... Categories: [self improvement]

How To Be An App Minimalist - Over time the apps on our mobile devices pile up, and we end up with a massive amount of icons we never touch. There is a better way to live in this digital world by only keeping what you need or what brings you lots of value. App minimalism is not about having the absolute least number of apps on... Categories: [self improvement]

What Live Streaming Taught Me - Many of us would like to overcome the fear of public speaking or became a master of small talk. However, the level of anxiety that we face is almost always enough to push us away from self-growth. After years of live streaming on various platforms the fear and anxiety of speaking to new people great... Categories: [self improvement]