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The One Thing You Need To Beat Your Coding Job Competition

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The One Thing You Need To Beat Your Coding Job Competition

... and it's not studying algorithms.

(Proof Below: How I Landed a Programming Job Without Memorizing Algorithms)

You're in for a surprise.

Because, you don't need...

Computer Science degrees, coding boot camps, memorizing algorithms, and big 0 notation...

... to get a junior developer job.

I would know because I spent years trying to figure out how to take my hobby and turn it into a full blown career.

And I had none of those things...

Let alone some of the bogus things I hear tech "gurus" saying, like...

... Add everything to your resume...

... Grow a big LinkedIn network...

... And create tech content.

That last one is so dumb I can't even fathom that some of my students got that "advice".

Yes, I make tech content.

But not a single job opportunity has ever asked about it.

So what do you need to get a programming job?

There is one thing that will set you apart... from the majority of your competition.

But not only that...

This one thing will set you up for long term success and a fast track to promotions.

So you can get to $100,000+ per year as soon as possible.

How do I know this one thing will make a difference?

Because, I've helped many people at many different levels progress to their next goal.

Check out what some of them had to say:

"I read those tips for only 5 minutes. And I already learned more than I did from my university professor..." - Joshua R. from WI

"You are AMAZING! This is AWESOME!" - Samuel P. from Buffalo, NY

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"Your recommendations were such a big help! I wanna say thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here!" - Zain S. from UAE

There are more but I don't want this post to be huge so let's move on.

The absolute one thing you need to land a junior developer job is...

... a good understanding of Data Structures.

Data structures include:

Arrays, maps, and even linked lists are common...

... the key to standing out is being able to put in place the less common ones in the correct situations.

When you know each data structure and how to use them...

... your code in easier to write ... easier to read ... and more robust.

And the best place to learn them is at...


Yes, they have algorithm lessons there too but don't spend time on those until after you get a job (and then only if you really want to...)

Use their amazing platform to get the best understanding you can on every data structure.

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I know what you're probably thinking...

(especially if you don't know me)

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But that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Don't waste another day...

... stop watching crappy YouTube videos...

... stop wasting time networking on LinkedIn...

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Join algoexpert.io and use promo code jrswab, today...

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