J. R. Swab


You Need The Growth Mindset

Categories: [Self Improvement]

Recently I came across this idea known as the growth mindset by Carol Dweck. As I read, I found the ideas it held lined up with my take on blogging. This mindset has several points or attributes that help us achieve goals and milestones. Without this mindset we limit ourselves in both our mental abi...

My Debate To Ditch Social Media

Categories: [Self Improvement]

Ever since the new year, I have had a strange funk over me. My motivation to do anything dropped to, basically, zero and there is nothing that I actually wanted to do. Putting out a blog post every day only happens because I just show up. If I had no goal to reach by the end of the year, I would pro...

How To Create The New You In The New Year

Categories: [Self Improvement]

Its already the last day of the year, you want to improve your life, but the majority of people drop their resolutions within the first month. What can we do to make sure the "new us" sticks for the full year? There are a lot of tactics floating around the internet from productivity hacks to living...

Bullet Journal Method Book Review

Categories: [Self Improvement]

After starting to Bullet Journal for better clarity and organization, many questions pop up about how and why; this book answers them all. Honestly, it is hard to put down this book. The writing style flows so well, the ideas and concepts are not stuffed with technical terms (outside of Bullet Journ...