J. R. Swab

Moving To Sourcehut

Categories: [Technology]

Pulled the trigger.

Now supporting Sourcehut financially because this is exactly the kind of source control I want.

$2/month is a great price to support the crew working on this Github alternative for hackers.

I know the claim is that Github makes our repos more easily discovered but after years of use I still don't believe the claim. A good and useful repository will be discovered with or without Github.

Long live sr.ht :: Git migration to follow.

What does SourceHut have to offer?

At the time of posting, there is no charge to use all of Sourcehut features since they are still in alpha. In the future; there will likely be some services that will need a paid account for use.

However, anyone contributing bug reports, patches, and such to existing projects do not need to have a paid account. Users can also earn free service by contributing patches to the Sourcehut code base; or pick and choose what parts the user want to pay for with Sourcehut's à la carte pricing.

For more information about sourcehut visit: man.sr.ht

PS: Sourcehut is opensource and thus self hosting is an option.