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The Right Time Is Always Now

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Create. Quit.

Create. Quit.

New project. Old project.

Change platform. Hustle.

Change platform. Hustle.

This has been my life for fifteen to twenty years. I start one project get bored and move on to another. In the middle of blogging on one platform move to another with hopes of more significant levels of success.

This is all a farce.

Moving from one thing to another every six months to a year is a fool's game. Starting over each time sets us back to zero if we don't inform the audience dedicated to the platform used over the past year.

Here I am, doing it again. But this time it's different.

I've always created in some form or another. Most of that is in blogging with a little video and now audio via the Hacker Culture podcast I started a year ago. The podcast has done better than any other medium I have used in the past, and even though the stats are great, I still dropped that for a few months.

Not a single episode from July to October 2018. face_palm

This abandonment happened for no reason other than I just stopped. Maybe I got bored or felt I ran out of things to talk about (impossible in tech) or perhaps I just forgot to record. Whatever the reason, even though the numbers are better than I ever expected my nature moved me on to something else anyway.

My wife jokingly tells me that I have ADHD. Maybe I am on the light end of that spectrum, but that's no good excuse for me. When I want to get things done, I can get laser focused. When I am bored or unchallenged is when the typical ADHD symptoms come to the surface.

Getting jaded is a problem for me, but I still show up to my job every day to earn a living even though I find it tedious. What I think happens is that I set traditional goals for my creations that are statistical and when the needle is not moving, and I am bored, I drop the project. My goal with this blog is different.

Making a Year Long Goal


This is my formal (eh.. lol) declaration of my blogging goals for the next year. Basically all of 2019, the goal is to put out a blog post every day. No length specifics just get something out every day. Any topic that I would be happy to read about. Not every post may be for you, and that's ok.

Skip it

I need to follow this format to put out content on this site every day. The goal is not to have a billion followers anywhere. If you resonate with my work and in turn my personality and want to follow, I thank you from the pits of my heart. The best way to get updates is the mailing list if you are into that kind of thing.

Even if you skip a post, you have an interest in what comes out tomorrow. Chances are if you followed because of an article that topic will come back around. Much like how my creation methods change a lot, my interests ebb and flow but the subjects always cycle back. Technology is most frequently cycled topic, followed by my love of learning, and then things like photography and learning Esperanto.

Bringing Ideas

This goal is a lot less measurable but my goal each day is to bring an idea to your may that you may or may not thought of before. If you have dwelt upon a given topic than I hope after reading my take on the same will help you frame your understanding differently and make your thoughts more defined.

By no means do you have to agree with me on anything let alone everything. This platform is to share ideas both serious and trivial, joyous and melancholy. We all learn from each other, if you have a different take on a theme, you can let me know. I'm all over the internet, so there is sure to be an easy way for you to get in touch.

I have an old Discord group from my twitch live streaming days that is open to anyone looking to engage with others, ask questions, or bring your idea on a topic. The group is warm and friendly, and we intend to keep it a safe place to chat. Ever tribe member has a voice in the chat.