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Email Lists To The Rescue!

Categories: [Content Creation], [Technology]

I use email lists to send updates on new videos, blog posts, and other things. This way I don’t have to play to the algorithms on the platforms I create within. (This is not really an issue on Hive mind you; but other places love to give your followers what "they" think your followers want to see.)

Because of this approach, I can focus on tech content that teaches and informs you. Too often creators fall into a trap where they only create that might “pop off” and get them a ton of views instead of what they want to create.

cough All the dumb trend videos on Tiktok... cough

The content I want to create does not lend well to going viral and thus those of you that want to see my content on the various platforms may never end up seeing it; so let’s avoid that situation.

I have a few email lists so you can subscribe to what you want to see and nothing extra. On these lists, you may reply to the emails to talk about the content as a thread. When replying, please use plain text and follow the simple plain text email etiquette.

A. Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.

Q. Why no top posting?

Seriously, no top posting…