J. R. Swab

Linux Makes Everything Better

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I'm the only one in my family that understands this fundamental law of computing.

My sister was having issues with her laptop that she bought a few years ago. So I reformatted it and only a short time after she decides to buy a Chromebook. She then offered me the laptop to have and to do as I please.

I took it.

And immediately erased Windows and installed Manjaro Linux, now the computer works like a charm. It boots up in half the time Windows 10 did, launches programs in less than a second, and the touchscreen still works!

Not that I'll ever use the touchscreen...

The only issue it may have is a wonky touchpad, but that's probably a hardware issue that needs replacing since my sister did say it was acting weird for her as well.

Make the Switch to Linux

If you're someone that does not already use Linux, start by replacing your programs with open-source alternatives one at a time. That way, when you choose to make a move over to Linux, you'll be more comfortable than if you just ditched Windows cold turkey as I did.

When you do choose to make the jump or at least dual boot use Ubuntu. Most programs have a pre-built version for Ubuntu and other Debian based distros, and almost every tutorial uses Ubuntu commands.

I dabbled with Linux starting in the early 2000s and made the full jump in the spring of 2011. Using Ubuntu at the start made the learning process much more comfortable than if I chose Arch or another less popular distribution.

I'll never go back to Windows.