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How To Extract Kindle Notes From The Web

Categories: [Technology], [How To]

Luckily, it's quite easy...

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Install OpenBSD Sets From A USB Install Device

Categories: [OpenBSD]

I always seem to forget this and spend more time that I should trying to re-remember how to get access to the sets when installing OpenBSD via a USB drive.

How to install sets from a USB drive on OpenBSD:

  1. When prompted for set installation choose: disk
  2. When asked if the disk is mounted type...

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How To Enable Middle Button Scrolling For The Lenovo X220 On OpenBSD

Add this to your .xsession or .xinitrc file:

xinput set-prop "/dev/wsmouse" "WS Pointer Wheel Emulation" 1 
xinput set-prop "/dev/wsmouse" "WS Pointer Wheel Emulation Button" 2 
xinput set-prop "/dev/wsmouse" "WS Pointer Wheel Emulation Axes" 6 7 4 5

Then restart X! :D

(This probably works...

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How To Get a Programming Job Without Experience

Categories: [Technology], [How To]

How To Get a Programming Job Without Experience

… Even if You Only Have Only Written Code for 6 Months

(Exact Steps Below on How To Stand Out in the Sea of Programmers)

I was running out of time...

My wife was 7 months pregnet...

... and I was working a dead end job that I hated.

I start...

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The One Thing You Need To Beat Your Coding Job Competition

Categories: [Technology], [How To]

The One Thing You Need To Beat Your Coding Job Competition

... and it's not studying algorithms.

(Proof Below: How I Landed a Programming Job Without Memorizing Algorithms)

You're in for a surprise.

Because, you don't need...

Computer Science degrees, coding boot camps, memorizing algorit...

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How To Mine Wownero: Junkie Jeff Hard Fork

Categories: [Technology], [How To]

Last Update: July 12, 2021

How to Mine Directly With Wownerod

  1. Download the latest version of wownero to your mining computer.
  2. Extract the download
  3. Change to the new directory
  4. Run wownerod --start-mining {YOUR-ADDRESS} --spendkey {SECRET-SPENDKEY} --mining-threads {NUMBER}
  5. When the b...

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How to Get Keyboard Key Names on Linux

Categories: [Technology], [How To]

Having the name to a certain key on your keyboard comes in handy.

This is especially true for anyone using a tiling window manager.

Since they often use keyboard shortcuts to execute actions.

It may be obvious that the name for the "a" key on your keyboard is "a". But what about "left shift" o...

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Virtues Of An Effective Programmer

Categories: [Technology]

The Virtues Of An Effective Programmer

  1. Be Lazy in an industrious way.
  2. Be Impatient in a very patient way.
  3. Be Huberistic in a very humble way.

It is said that Hobbits would make great programmers:

  1. Persistence - Stubbornness to keep slogging through when the going gets rough,
  2. Sm...

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Why Algorithms Are Actually Sabotaging You

Categories: [Technology]

A vast majority of mentees I work with have this mentality.

They think they need to be able to whip out a sort algorithm from the back of their brain in an interview.

This is a complete waste of their time...

It's not their fault though... because this idea has been push out from the biggest...

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How To Safelist An Email Address

Categories: [How To]

Safelist is a term used by many email lists.

It's when you (the reciever of the email) tell your email serivce that you trust and email address.

The reason why we want to do this is to make sure the emails we want to see reach our inbox.

And not get tossed into the trash or spam folders.



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