J. R. Swab


How To Be Saved

Categories: [Faith]

After spending years in the New Age movement I was resuced from spiritual death. This only happend once I realized that there was nothing I could do to save myself. The fear of God, his wrath, and the comming judgment moved me. I threw out all my occult possesions and confessed to God that I wante...

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Surrender All

Categories: [Poetry]

Weak, faint, feeble

fragile shatters glass

broken pieces drifting

across empty plains

you see me whole

past my mess

past my pain

fall into your strength

nothing can be done

surrendering all to you

for you've already won

The Ultimate Way To Desktop Manage

Categories: [Technology]

Window managers create the look and feel of your programs as they appear on your screen. Microsoft and Apple only come with one type of manager installed. Linux allows you to install whatever type you'd like. Just another reason Linux is awesome!

Types Of Window Managers

There is a good number o...

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How To Save Our Internet

Categories: [Technology]

Why this matters.

As internet companies get more tremendous and central, the ability for those companies to work together for their best interest increases. This only leads us toward less innovation and keeping the status quo, but technology should always push forward. Some sources claim Google ho...

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The Reason Esperanto Is Easier To Learn

Categories: [self improvement]

Many people want to learn a second language but have trouble grasping all the inconsistencies that came along with all natural languages. Esperanto is different. It is a constructed language, which means it was created and not formed naturally. This allowed the creator to make it as easy as possible...

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Use Bitshares

Categories: [Technology]

A while back I chose to spend some time and learn what BitShares was all about. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with this trading platform. For whatever reason, when I first heard about BitShares I shrugged it off as I seem to do with most things.

There is only so much time in the day...

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Brisk Auburn Sky

Categories: [Poetry]

brisk auburn sky

whisked clouds float by

bird-less trees freeze

gusts of chilled breeze

stiff blades of grass

snap under my mass

breath frozen on beard hair

piercing wind too sharp to care

How To Discover Great Topics For Your Blog

Categories: [How To]

All of us from time to time will run into the issue of finding a topic to write about within our niche. Sometimes we come against a wall and discover our minds blank and void of any ideas. Over the past 15 years, I hit this proverbial wall many times and sometimes it made me miss my deadline (when I...

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Winter Sonnet

Categories: [Poetry]

The snow falls gently on the vast still plain

a horse does trample bitter frozen ground

while chipmunks slumber nothing quite to gain

and ants asleep inside their hollow mound

The charcoal river fish have swum away

petite brown deer do prance the powdered snow

while wool wrapped neighb...

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Internet Security & Privacy

Categories: [Technology]


I'm going to touch on this only briefly since I did a full twenty to twenty five minute podcast on this subject. As mentioned before, make sure to use a password manager such as Bitwarden. Bitwarden does have a free version that has a ton of functionality. I currently pay for the premi...

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